FTC Disclosure Statement

Though this blog is not and was never intended to be a money making operation; all writers, owners, editors and administrators of (“ATM Staff” or “we”) intend to be compliant with the Federal Trade Commission (hereafter “FTC”) rules covering sponsored/affiliate endorsements in blogs and online articles. Therefore, it is important the ATM Staff detail all instances where we have or have not, or will or will not, receive compensation. First, let’s disclose where the ATM Staff has not and will not receive compensation:

  • ATM Staff is often asked to pen favorable posts about products or websites that we know nothing about and have no affiliation. We routinely reject and will continue to reject these requests.
  • ATM Staff is often asked to post the works of others recommending a particular product or website in exchange for compensation. While we do allow original guest posts (when these posts are free of recommendations, well-written, relevant and are unduplicated elsewhere on the Web), we routinely reject and will continue to reject requests to post guest endorsements.
  • ATM Staff often receives unsolicited copies of books from new authors who wish for us to review their work on this blog. We read (or start to read) all books received. If we feel a book adds value to the world of leadership development or other related topics, we will include a review on this site. Except in the cases listed below, we receive no compensation from the authors (with the exception of the original unsolicited copy of the book).

The ATM Staff has received, and will continue to receive, compensation under the following circumstances:

  • Affiliate Programs – The ATM Staff may receive a commission when you follow a link from this website (including any pop-ups or pop-unders generated from actions taken on this website) to a product or other page and make a purchase. This includes hyperlinks in articles or any ads located in the margins of the website or included in the articles themselves. ATM is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The commissions paid from these programs generally run between 4% and 15%, and as far as the ATM Staff knows, this commission does not change the price vendors charge for these products. As of this writing, the average Affiliates commission check received by the ATM Staff is about $50 per month, though we have received monthly checks in excess of $100.
  • Google Adsense Program – The ATM Staff receives a generally tiny commission when readers click through virtually any of the advertising elements marked “Ads by Google” (or other similar markings) on this website as part of the Google Adsense Program. The ATM Staff does not control which ads show to users and does not endorse any of the advertisers unless stated otherwise. As of this writing, the average Google Adsense commission received by the ATM Staff is about $12 per month, though there have been months where we received in excess of $20 in commissions from this program.
  • Future Endorsements – In the event the ATM Staff is compensated for an article or post other than by the means disclosed above, we will include a clear, specific disclosure in the article or post.

If you have any questions about whether the ATM Staff has or will receive compensation for any specific endorsement or recommendation, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page for clarification.


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