Circuit City, Where Service Was Never State of the Art

Circuit City – We Told You So… In what was probably the easiest call in the last ten years, we told you Circuit City was going to go all the way (read our November 12, 2008 post if you don’t believe us). Back then we said you shouldn’t “be fooled by their reorganization plans; Circuit(…)

Online at 30,000 Feet? Welcome to the World Wide Mile High Club

  Delta-a-GoGo: Wi-Fi in the Sky – Good, Bad, Right, Wrong? It’s Here When I first read about Delta’s plans to add wi-fi networking on some flights I was appalled. Under no circumstances did I want this one last bastion of freedom from emails to escape my personal dead zone. I truly enjoyed my twice-weekly(…)

The Death of Data-Based Decision Making

Why Does My Industry Refuse to Use Data? True story – of course, whenever anyone says or writes this it generally means that everything else they’ve ever told you is BS – anyway, true story: a highly compensated colleague wrote to a group of fellow highly compensated colleagues and asked “does anyone have any data(…)

Management Training Blogwatch – January 5, 2009

Management Training Blogwatch – Best of the Blogs We scoured and we scrubbed and we were left with just few posts and articles worthy of making it into your reading rotation for all things Management Training. Perhaps it was the holidays and everyone was taking off between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, but we simply(…)

NY Times Hardcover Business Best Sellers – January 2009

  New York Times – Hardcover Business Best Sellers – January 2009   A quick review of the January 2009 New York Times Hardcover Business Best Sellers list and you wouldn’t know we were in a recession. Where are all the financial survival guides? Where are all the “end is near” and Nostradamus tomes?  (…)

Catch Your Limit: Management Consultancy, Leadership Blog and Fish Cleaning Service

  Great Leadership Blog Worthy of Special Mention – As our regular readers know, we produce four semi-regular Blogwatch series covering Time Management, Sales Management, Management Training and Leadership Development. In these series we attempt to help you cut through the clutter and discover great writing and great advice. While we think we do(…)

Leadership Development Blogwatch – January 2, 2009

  Best of the Leadership Development Blogosphere We scoured the Leadership Development posts and articles for the past several weeks to find just those precious few that deserve your attention: Are Leaders Born Or Made? Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan studied the progress of 88000 managers who had been to leadership development training. The people(…)

Most Popular Leadership (and Other) Posts of 2008

The Best of – 2008 One of our regular readers sent us a nice email last night wishing us, among other things, a Happy New Year. We know it wasn’t just a mass email sent to everyone in his address book because he requested we write this post today. Specifically, he asked us to(…)

Leadership Lessons from a Dead Socialist

Leading in the New Millennium: Pay for (Lack of) Performance “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair Although Sinclair’s words were uttered in 1935, they ring especially true when applied to the leadership void we face today. While Sinclair, a(…)

Time Management Blogwatch – December 30, 2008

Time Management Blogwatch – December 2008 For what it’s worth, we cobbled together the best of the time management blog posts and articles from this past month of procrastination fascination. Lest you think we’re kidding about the drivel that fills the time management blogs, imagine reading the thousands of posts we rejected including one that(…)

Save Your Money: It’s Time to Stop Trying to Improve Time Management

Time Management Tools That Work – No Such Thing If you’re a regular reader to this blog, you know we don’t put much stock in time management tips, tricks or techniques. We believe, like Stephen Covey, that you cannot manage time, you can only manage self. Any attempts, in fact, to manage time are just(…)

An Update to our Leadership Lessons from Brett Favre

Brett “Cuatro” Favre and the Leadership Lesson of Humility When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. The best thing to do is admit it. We are certainly humble enough to admit it. At the beginning of the 2008 NFL season we predicted that the New York Jets would finish the season no better than 8-8… we were(…)

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: Freakonomics, The Movie

Freakonomics: The Movie During my extended time off between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I sat down with accomplished entrepreneur and filmmaker Chad Troutwine to discuss the most ambitious documentary ever to pique the interest of the editors of For those of you unfamiliar with Chad’s work, he is a founder (along with Markus Moberg) of(…)

More Leadership Lessons from the Airline Industry – Delta Stubs Their Toe (Again)

More Leadership Lessons from Delta Airlines In a recent post, we admonished Delta Airlines for the ill-conceived, confusing Delta Breezeway enacted in late 2007. It seemed that even months after its introduction, most Delta gate agents and Delta frequent fliers still had no idea how to use them. We are proud to say that between(…)

Detroit’s Automakers: Why They Deserved The Money

Why Detroit Deserved Their Bailout… (We understand we’re a little late to the party, but we were on hiatus during the whole Auto Bailout mess, and we felt we would be remiss if we didn’t provide our two cents.) While there is no doubt that the Detroit automakers sowed many of the seeds of their(…)

2008: The Year We Figured Out We Had No Leaders

2008: A Lesson in Recession and Leadership The axiom “sales cure all ills” rings more true today than ever. More than anything it teaches us an inarguable lesson: that is, we learn more about leadership in bad times than we do in good times. To prove this theory to yourself, imagine your company just 18(…)

All Work and No Play: Leadership Writing Takes a Holiday

Sharpening the Saw One of the greatest leadership lessons of all time, sharpen the saw, comes from the greatest leadership books of all time: Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. (To see our list of the Ten Best Leadership Books of All Time, follow this link.) The seventh of the seven habits(…)

Gallup Poll: Business Executives Lack Honesty and Integrity

“Business Executives” Rank Low in Annual Honesty and Ethics Poll While nurses topped the list for the seventh consecutive year, business executives earned relatively poor grades in the latest installment of the annual integrity poll from Gallup. The poll, which surveyed just over 1,000 US adults earlier this month, asked respondents how they would rate(…)

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