Bad Holiday Gifts – The Worst Gifts We Ever Received From Vendors

  Vendors Give The Darnedest Things…   Loyal reader Tye Mills sent us a question in response to our Leader’s Gift-Giving Guide article.   What are the top 10 wacky gifts you have received from vendors? – Tye Mills   Great question, Tye…   Hmm, let’s see, the unfortunate result of most truly wacky or(…)

Leadership Development Blogwatch – November 23, 2008

  Best of the Leadership Development Blogs The past two weeks on the Leadership Development blogs delivered a middling of mediocrity and only a few top posts. Whether due to the economic turmoil or to some post-Halloween hangover, some of the strongest leadership writers have been quiet. (Luckily, we had a few posts, as did(…)

Young Managers Can Learn from Old Sayings

  Old Sayings are Often Gold Sayings Yes, that hackneyed phrase was as hard to type as it is to read, but I used it to illustrate a point: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; you do reap what you sow; and actions do speak louder than words. Is it just(…)

Sales Training 101 – Reciprocity is Childsplay

  Reciprocity – Sales Training 101 From a very early age, we all learn about reciprocation. That is, when someone does something nice for us, we tend to do something nice for them. As humans, most of us don’t want to be indebted to someone else – especially someone we barely know. In sales, we(…)

Donovan McNabb is no Albert Einstein… or is He?

  Leadership Lessons from Donovan McNabb After five quarters of football on Sunday, November 16, 2008, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Bengals played to a 13-13 tie. This tie was the first the NFL had seen in six years – ties, it seems, are rare in the NFL. After the game, Eagles quarterback Donovan(…)

Sales Management Blogwatch – November 19, 2008

  The Best of the Sales Management Blogs A colleague asked me this week about my first commissioned sales job – he, too, started in sales and worked his way up to management. After a few minutes of friendly banter about old school sales managers and the like, we went back to our regular grind.(…)

The Leader’s Gift-Giving Guide – Holiday Gifts Everyone Can Use

  Holiday Gifts for the Office Crowd ‘tis the season to think about all the people who helped you get where you are today. Whether you are a senior leader or an up-and-coming manager, it’s important for you to thank those who make an impact in your work life. And by “thank,” I mean give(…)

Goldman “Leaders” Choose Poverty over Incarceration

Goldman Leaders Forgo 2008 Bonuses In a recent email from one of our readers, we were asked to weigh in on the Goldman Sachs Group’s leadership decision to request no bonuses for the current calendar year. What are your thoughts on the following article?  How does this reflect leadership during these troubled times? – Tye(…)

Barack Obama – Enlightened Leader?

Leadership Lessons from the President-Elect As someone who voted for John McCain, I have to admit that (so far) I’m impressed by one of the leadership moves proposed by President-elect Barack Obama. It looks like Obama may build his Cabinet with those who often disagree with him. Throughout the campaign, Obama seemed like someone who(…)

Management Training Blogwatch – November 13, 2008

  Management Training Blogs – The Best of the Best As is a semi-regular custom here, the editors of scoured the billions of pages of the World Wide Web to bring you the best Management Training-related blog posts and articles for past few weeks. The pickings are slim here, folks. This means we either(…)

Leadership Lessons From Circuit City – Ho Hum, Another Bankrupt Retailer

  Circuit City – Another One Bites the Dust In what might be the least surprising business announcement of 2008, Circuit City filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday. Wow, really? Color us shocked. To be honest, we’re a little shocked it took this long. We’re also a little surprised that their creditors aren’t(…)

Time Management Blogwatch – November 9, 2008

  The Best of the Time Management Blogs Although we already identified the number one time management of all time tool earlier this week (to see this post, follow this link), we felt compelled to scan the blogosphere and deliver to you the best of the Time Management Blogs from the past few weeks. Time(…)

NY Times Business Hardcover Best Sellers – November 2008

  New York Times – Hardcover Business Best Sellers – November 2008   An historical election behind us and a bleak short-term future ahead, we find ourselves at a very interesting time. When will the market hit bottom? How high will unemployment ultimately reach? Will Chrysler and GM survive to see 2010? Can Barack Obama(…)

The 25 Most Annoying Business Phrases

The 25 Most Annoying Business Phrases Managers Use From the overused to the clichéd, we are inundated on a daily basis with annoying and ridiculous business phrases from the lips of well-meaning managers. Why so many of us, present company included, rely on the latest catch phrases or tired business jargon to relay a particular(…)

Leadership Development Blogwatch – Post Election Edition – November 5, 2008

  Best of the Leadership Development Blogs Partly due to the 2008 Presidential Race and partly due to the NFL season (now in week 10), we’ve had trouble finding too many great posts or articles on the Leadership Development blogs. What we could find in the last few weeks was often too mediocre to recommend(…)

The Best Time Management Tool Ever

  Time Management’s Greatest Tool Ever The Internet (especially the blogosphere) is filled with advice extolling every flavor of tip and trick designed to help you manage your time better. New managers are especially vulnerable to the lure of something easy that can help them squeeze more hours out of every day. The truth is(…)

It’s the Leadership, Stupid – Why the Economy is in the Toilet…

It’s the Leadership, Stupid These past few months have seen the greatest turmoil in the worldwide credit and stock markets most of us have ever experienced. With depression-like drops in equities and recession-like layoffs, foreclosures and bankruptcies, nearly everyone has been too busy bailing water to blame the Captain… until now. While much of the(…)

Sales Management Blogwatch – October 31, 2008

The Best of the Sales Management Blogs The editors of pulled some of the best posts and articles from the past couple of weeks and assembled them here for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! Selling is a Profession to be Proud of I am a sales trainer and coach; I am a sales management consultant;(…)

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