Leadership and Impartiality – AskTheManager

Leadership and Impartiality Of all the leadership development lessons we can learn from the 2008 Presidential Elections, there is probably none so clear as how the lack of impartiality equates to poor leadership. Interestingly, these lessons are not learned so much from the candidates –Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin most certainly lost their ability to(…)

Lehman Brothers, Leadership and Business Bankruptcy

  Leadership and Business Bankruptcy Bennigan’s, Mrs. Fields and Lehman Brothers. Not really three names you’d ever expect to see in the same sentence, but all three have one thing in common: they all declared bankruptcy in 2008 and substandard leadership is to blame. Lehman Brothers is certainly the most shocking name on this list.(…)

When Leaders Forget The Goal – The Dilemma Of Annoying Your Customers

  Forgetting The Goal – A Leadership Dilemma Everywhere consumers turn today they see examples of poor leadership. They may not recognize these little inconveniences as leadership voids, but they are voids nonetheless. While the lack of true leadership in American business spells trouble for employees and middle managers, a byproduct of this missing leadership(…)

Time Management – Blogwatch September 15, 2008

  Time Management Blogwatch – September 15, 2008 We not only had a pretty good week on the time management blogs (as you’ll note by our selections below), but we also read one of the better time management books ever written. While not the best time management book ever (that crown still rests with Stephen(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch September 12, 2008

  Leadership Development – Best Leadership Blogs for the Week of September 12, 2008 Great week for the leadership writers. The editors of AskTheManager were able to find some terrific posts and articles from some of the best leadership development blogs. Could all this leadership development activity have anything to do with the nomination of(…)

Do You Need a Presentation Projector?

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with Presentation Projectors A colleague commented the other day that he was presenting a sales proposal to a medium-sized company and their conference room was not equipped with a projector. He had not prepared any handouts in advance and had to deliver the entire presentation from his laptop.(…)

Obama, McCain, Biden or Palin – Who’s the Best Leader?

  Which Presidential or Vice Presidential Hopeful Would Make the Best Leader?   Over the past several days, the editors of AskTheManager.com released their leadership ratings and rankings of all forty-two US Presidents from Washington to Bush. We examined how these men would perform as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company by using what(…)

Ratings & Rankings of the Presidents of the United States

  How Do US Presidents Rank as Business Leaders? (Part Three of Three)   (This is the third article in a three-series post. Please see the first and second articles in this series by following this link for our notes associated with each President, and this link for our “worst to first” rankings of the(…)

The Best and Worst Presidential Leaders in History

  How Do Our 42 US Presidents Rank as Leaders? (Part Two of Three)   Where does your favorite President of the United States rank in terms of business leadership in the new millennium? Could all or any of the US Presidents successfully run a large corporation today? Did they have what it takes to(…)

How Would the Presidents of the United States Rank as Business Leaders?

  How Would The 42 US Presidents Rank as Business Leaders?   Where does your favorite President of the United States rank in terms of business leadership in the new millennium? Could all or any of the US Presidents successfully run a large corporation today? Did they have what it takes to be a true(…)

Leadership Lessons from Fantasy Football

Leadership Lessons from Fantasy Football Tonight kicks off another season of NFL Football. To many, this is the most anticipated day of the year – especially to the millions of fantasy football players. The editors of AskTheManager are fantasy football fanatics and we spent most of our draft last week discussing how fantasy football intersects(…)

Time Management – Blogwatch September 1, 2008

  Time Management Blogwatch   The Time Management blogs continue to be a mixed bag. Some decent advice, coupled with silly time management tips and tricks. We sorted through the chaff of this week’s posts and we’re hopeful we gave you the wheat. (We are human, so we make a few misses now and then).(…)

Management Training – Blogwatch September 1, 2008

The Best Management Training Blogs for the week of September 1, 2008   Although we’re at the end of a long holiday weekend, there were a few decent posts this week covering the world of Management Training. The editors of AskTheManager.com scoured the World Wide Web to being you the Best Management Training Blogs and(…)

Leadership Lessons from the Airline Industry – Delta Bats .500

Leadership Lessons from Delta Air Lines   The editors of AskTheManager fly virtually every airline that caters to business travelers (i.e., the big ones), but we really seem to love Delta for some reason.   Delta is not always the cheapest, the friendliest or even the most convenient, but as one of the editors stated(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 31, 2008

Leadership Development Blogwatch   The leadership development blogs were running a little slow this week (Labor Day Holiday and all), but the editors of AskTheManager.com were able to dig through the lot and find some gems, including some Christian-based posts with good advice for the secular humanists of the world. Enjoy! Leadership Development Workshops By(…)

Sales Management – Blogwatch August 31, 2008

Best Sales Management Blog Posts – Week of August 31, 2008   The editors of AskTheManager scoured the World Wide Web to bring you the Best Sales Management blog posts and article available for the week of August 31, 2008 – slim pickings on a holiday weekend.   Of course, most leadership development and management-related(…)

Considering a Job Change? Watch Out For Red Flags in the Interview

  Potential Employer With Great Promises and a Lowball Offer   I am faced with a dilemma and I need some advice. Although I am currently employed, I had a meeting with a prospective employer and things went (mostly) great. Although they knew my salary restrictions going in, they balked at guaranteeing anything near that(…)

Time Management – Blogwatch August 28, 2008

  The Time Management blogs continue to deliver 90% tips, tricks and money-making scams and just 10% substance. Of course, you cannot expect to improve your effectiveness (real “time management”) incorporating a few tips and tricks.   AskTheManager.com editors scoured the blogs to find anything remotely associated with real time management (that is, improving effectiveness).(…)

Lessons On Pride From Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers

  Pride, Leadership, and The Green Bay Packers Excuse the abridgement, but Proverbs 16:18 said it best: Pride goes before a fall. The leadership lessons we’ve gleaned so far from the pre-season struggles between Brett Lorenzo Favre (hereafter “Cuatro”) and the Green Bay Packers have been plentiful. (To read an earlier lesson from these two(…)

Young Managers – How Do They Lead Older Subordinates?

Effect Of Generational Differences On Young Managers How does understanding generational differences affect the success of new managers? More and more managers are (and will be) younger than their team members. What must a “younger” manager consider when leading “older” team members? – Andy in Ohio Great questions, Andy. As someone who has been on(…)

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