Using The Proper Email Etiquette for Business Signatures

  Proper Email Etiquette for Business Signatures In response to numerous requests to a recent series of posts covering proper email etiquette, the editors of decided it was time to put to rest the question on what should be included in a business email signature. For those of you not familiar enough with Outlook(…)

The Best Rolling Briefcases Money Can Buy – Laptop Cases for the New Millenium

The Rolling Briefcase – A Leader’s Most Important Tool? Not since Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) and his coworkers marveled at the color, font and texture of one another’s business cards in 2000’s American Psycho has a business tool garnered as much admiration and created as much jealousy as the rolling briefcases being dragged through America(…)

The Ten Best Warren Buffett Books of All Time

The Best of Warren Buffett With the recession looming, the stock market in the tank, and worldwide economic uncertainty, it’s nice to know America has a man like billionaire Warren Buffett to turn to for investment advice. Buffett is to the stock market what Tiger Woods is to golf. He’s the best and second place(…)

Bloomberg The Emperor Always Gets His Way

  Bloomberg The Emperor We wrote a few weeks ago about the seemingly unbelievable possibility that New York Mayor Michael “Nero” Bloomberg would seek to have the City Council overturn New York’s term limits law – opening the door for Bloomberg The Emperor to serve a third term. (To read that post, follow this link.)(…)

Leadership Lessons from Web 2.0 – eBay Fixes That Which is Not Broken

Leadership Means Knowing When Not To Act Remember that great little restaurant you frequented a few years ago? You know the one; they had that terrifically tasty dish that kept you coming back again and again. Remember when they changed ownership and the new proprietors altered the recipes? The way I remember it, the new(…)

Managing Up When Your Boss Refuses to Lead

  Managing Up – Overcoming the Fear of Leading the Dullards Above You Explaining to your boss or your boss’ boss that he/she is an idiot is never a good idea, though everyday in American business we are faced with substandard leadership and a mission at hand. How can we help move the business forward(…)

NY Times Business Best Sellers – Hardcover October 2008

  New York Times – Hardcover Business Best Sellers – October 2008   With the economic meltdown seemingly getting worse by the day, we’re not sure how many of our readers can scrape together enough cash to purchase a Business Best Seller. For those of you with an extra $10 to $30 in your wallet,(…)

Management Training Blogwatch – October 14, 2008

The Best of the Management Training Blogs – Week of October 14, 2008 The past week saw some decent, though not terrific posts, advice and articles for managers interested in growing their leadership skills. The editors of combed through the drivel to deliver you the Best of the Management Training Blogs, enjoy! Being a(…)

Leadership, Personal Relationships and Infidelity

  Leadership, Personal Relationships and Infidelity John Edwards, Elliott Spitzer, Kwame Kilpatrick and Jennifer Aniston’s mates. What do these men have in common? Hint: they are all alleged to have a problem keeping their pants on in the presence of women who are not their significant others. After hearing about the John Edwards infidelity revelations(…)

Management Decision Making – How Do Managers Make Decisions?

  Questions from Our Readers – Empowering Your Team to Make Decisions In response to our recent post regarding empowering your team to make decisions (to read that post, follow this link), Olzhas writes: How do managers make decisions? How might they make better decisions? How do job satisfaction and organizational commitment affect an individual’s(…)

Time Management Blogwatch – October 12, 2008

  Time Management – Words of Wisdom from the Time Management Bloggers As we’ve written before, the Time Management blogs are often the most active and ineffective bloggers around. They generally post lots of Time Management tips and tricks that are worthless to real leaders who want to be more effective. Time Management, as our(…)

New Managers – How Do You Keep From Getting Run Over?

New Managers – Avoiding the Inevitable Traps AC from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (that’s in Canada for the geographically challenged leaders out there) wrote us in August for some advice on how to gain respect as a new manager. To read her original concerns and our response, please follow this link. We were anxious about her situation,(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch October, 4 2008

  Leadership Development Blogwatch Hey, Mr. Manager, what happened to the weekly blogwatch on leadership? – Jerry in Nevada Wow, we didn’t think anyone would notice if we took a couple of weeks off – no one seems to care when Congress leaves their business unfinished. (I mean, we keep reelecting most of them, don’t(…)

Damn the Voters, Bloomberg Believes He is NYC’s Only Choice

  Leadership Lessons from Mayor Bloomberg (and Other Emperors) We’ve often written in this Leadership Development blog about the important traits for good leaders. From intelligence to character, we’ve worked hard to identify those qualities that can help young managers become leaders and older leaders regain their edge. Over the course of these posts, we’ve(…)

Sales Management Blogwatch – September 28, 2008

  The Best of the Sales Management Blogosphere As is our custom at, we’ve scoured the Sales Management Blogs to bring you the very best posts and articles from the past week. For the past several months, we’ve paid close attention to the Leadership Development, Management Training, Time Management and Sales Management Blogs, and(…)

Sales Management – Blogwatch September 21, 2008

  Sales Management – The Best of the Blogs The Sales Management Blogs have been as busy as the editors of AskTheManager. We’ve been remiss at brining you the very best Sales Management tips and advice, but we’re back with a vengeance. There is some great advice in this week’s blog posts and articles. We(…)

Yahoo Buzz is the Leadership Tool for Social Bookmarking – Sorry Digg, Yahoo Wins

We Digg the New Buzz Digg this, Yahoo Buzz is the new Digg. Digg, at was the social bookmarking site to end all social bookmarking sites. Not, not propeller, and not stumbleupon could even come close to the diggity world of Everything was running smoothly at Digg until Yahoo, which might have(…)

Leadership and Impartiality – AskTheManager

Leadership and Impartiality Of all the leadership development lessons we can learn from the 2008 Presidential Elections, there is probably none so clear as how the lack of impartiality equates to poor leadership. Interestingly, these lessons are not learned so much from the candidates –Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin most certainly lost their ability to(…)

Lehman Brothers, Leadership and Business Bankruptcy

  Leadership and Business Bankruptcy Bennigan’s, Mrs. Fields and Lehman Brothers. Not really three names you’d ever expect to see in the same sentence, but all three have one thing in common: they all declared bankruptcy in 2008 and substandard leadership is to blame. Lehman Brothers is certainly the most shocking name on this list.(…)

When Leaders Forget The Goal – The Dilemma Of Annoying Your Customers

  Forgetting The Goal – A Leadership Dilemma Everywhere consumers turn today they see examples of poor leadership. They may not recognize these little inconveniences as leadership voids, but they are voids nonetheless. While the lack of true leadership in American business spells trouble for employees and middle managers, a byproduct of this missing leadership(…)

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