The Top Ten Leadership Books of All Time

Originally published on June 23, 2008, The Best Leadership Books of All Time received so much feedback from readers who asked that we expound on our comments of these best sellers, that the editors of felt compelled to reissue our top ten list of The Best Leadership Books of All Time. We’re hopeful you(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch July 13, 2008

TheManager scoured the World Wide Web and found a few choice blog posts and interesting news articles covering Management Training and Leadership Development. Take a few moments to digest these recent articles and posts: ‘Visionary’ sports programme for Dubai Financial Times – London,England,UK The agreement, with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Programme for Leadership Development and the Dubai(…)

Knowledge Hoarders & The Mack Truck Theory

Q. I’m the office manager at a large Midwestern distribution company. We sell a variety of products to retailers across the US, and have a sophisticated computer system that can show the status of orders with just a few clicks. My problem is that the operations managers like to work the orders on legal pads(…)

The Single Most Important Trait in a Good Manager

When we look deeply at Management Training and the plethora of business training resources, business books and self-help seminars meant to assist us in the quest for the Holy Grail of Leadership, it’s interesting that so few of these really speak to the root of the issue with bad managers. Whenever I’ve encountered a truly(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch July 11, 2008

  TheManager scoured the World Wide Web and found a few choice blog posts on Leadership Development. Take a few moments to either chew or eschew these recent posts: Leadership development – quick tip 1 – Leadership skills By Denise Taylor, career guide & assessments expert Whilst working with a client through a development centre(…)

Leadership v. Management: The Great Business Debate

Leadership versus Management   Included in the great debates of business today is the always interesting “Leadership v. Management” fight. Whenever I read an online business blog or leadership resource that tackles this seeming duality, I find it interesting that there seem to be only two ways this topic is presented…   Lists of overlapping(…)

How Do You Spot A True Leader?

Q. I’m faced with reducing headcount because of the economy, but I’m afraid to make broad cuts because I don’t want to lose the true leaders in my company. How can I identify the true leaders from the wanabees and the blowhards? My biggest concern is that I think I’m too old to know what(…)

Leadership Development – News and Views July 2, 2008

Interesting news articles covering Leadership Development discovered by TheManager: Sorting out the right leader Economic Times – Gurgaon,Haryana,India It is not only imperative for organisations to invest in leadership development, but to build knowledge leaders who can guide, educate and enable new … See all stories on this topic Deloitte to build $300M campus in(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch July 1, 2008

TheManager scoured the Internet to bring you the latest Leadership Development topics from the blogosphere: The Steps Of Leadership Development By Luvi Marie These are all questions that are likely to run through your mind when you first become a leader but if you learn the steps of leadership development and you learn to recognize(…)

Management Training – Blogwatch July 1, 2008

Here are a few choice blog posts TheManager found covering Management Training: Showcase: books and sins By Elizabeth I was at the Best Practice Showcase last Tuesday and I actually had a really good time, which is strange given that it was mainly an event for project management training companies to sell at the punters.(…)

Leadership Lessons from Major League Baseball

I don’t know, I wasn’t there, but from all accounts of the Shawn Chacon v. Ed Wade brawl, Shawn was a little more than insubordinate.   Don’t know what I’m writing about? Former Houston Astros’ starting pitcher, turned reliever, Shawn Chacon was none to happy about his recent demotion to the bullpen. When reportedly called(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch June 27, 2008

Here are a couple of interesting Leadership Development blog entries discovered by TheManager: A Great Perspective on Accountability By webmaster For quite a while now, I’ve been planning to write a series on creating a culture of accountability. There’sa huge amount to say on the subject, and I think anyone in leadership can benefit from(…)

Indecision and Analysis Paralysis

I received the following question from a reader this week: “My manager is a constant procrastinator, who seems to always fail at making decisions. It’s not that he makes bad decisions, he simply won’t ever make any decision. Whenever I approach him with a suggestion, he always wants me to go back and get more(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch June 25, 2008

Blog entries from the past few days discussing Leadership Development: What’s DNA Got To Do With It? By Epic Living I wrote last week about DNAand leadership. I got some quizzical looks when I discussed this with a few people. So in the spirit of better explaining myself, the following outlines what DNA has to(…)

Empowering Your Team To Make Decisions

In all my years teaching and developing new leaders, the neatest trick I ever tried involved managers who were stuck making every decision for their teams. No matter how many leadership development books they read or management training resources they studied, they were simply better decision makers than the group they supervised — that’s why(…)

Execution or Discussion?

The difference between high performance and failure for most companies can come down to a very simple management choice: execution versus discussion. In straightforward terms, execution is getting something done; discussion is talking about getting something done. It’s not hard to figure out which of these two creates a high performance culture in the workplace.(…)

AskTheManager’s Top 10 Leadership Books

Although everyone has their favorites, the editors at chose the following tomes as The Best Leadership Books of All Time:     The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; by Stephen R. Covey – It’s hard not to put Dale Carnegie at Number 1, but Covey’s 7 Habits is simply the best leadership development(…)

Leadership Development Blogosphere

Re: Upcoming leadership development training with CCL 2008-06-22 15:13 GMT -0400. Dgroups: New Shared Messages – Planner Bootlegger (Richmond BC): “…development. Responsibilities The successful candidate will be responsible for maintaining sales and stock levels to maximize and increase profitability. Working in partnership with all areas of the buying … Eluta: leadership development jobs –(…)

Leadership & Management Blogosphere

  New Management Training from Voluntary Action Wakefield District By Colin Harrison Please find below information about a new course we are running for VAWD to help Managers ensure their ICT needs are being properly and efficiently managed. This is a NON-TECHNICAL course. It is to help managers know the sort of … Yorkshire and(…)

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