NY Times Business Best Sellers – Hardcover June 2008

  Here are the Top 5 on the list for June 2008. To see the complete list (and to see a great choice at #15) follow this link.   At number 15 this month is a great read from Marshall Goldsmith called What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – How Successful People Become Even(…)


A weird thing happened to a friend of mine recently (let’s call my friend Sue). Her company is one of the three largest customers of one of their providers. The provider, we’ll call them Widgets, Inc. had spent thousands of dollars entertaining Sue and some of her coworkers over the last couple of years. During(…)

Ask The Manager

Ask The Manager.   Go ahead, ask him. Are you afraid? Is it possible you’ll be humiliated? Brow-beaten? Demoted?   Guess what? You’ve got the poster-child of “managers.” If your manager was a leader, you not only wouldn’t be afraid to ask him questions, you’d probably already have the answer.   True leaders check their(…)

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