The New Learning Gap: Business Leaders Know Little About The Internet

Today’s Leaders Are Tomorrow’s Followers   For some reason I’ve run into too many business leaders lately who know less and less about how their businesses are being marketed on the Internet. From owners and CEOs to vice presidents and general managers, leaders (even good ones) are getting further detached from the realities of what(…)

Abusing One’s Leadership Role is Never a Good Thing

Leadership Lessons from Cash for Clunkers   Without diving too deeply into a mini controversy from last week, let me just enlighten you with some quick facts: estimated that the recent Cash for Clunkers program cost US taxpayers about $24,000 per incremental vehicle sold; The chief economist of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA)(…)

From GoGo to NoGo, Delta Stubs Their ToeToe

Delta Renames In-Flight Wireless Internet Dubbed GoGo when released (see our original excited post about GoGo Wi-Fi published on January 12, 2009), it is rumored that Delta has decided to rename their in-flight wireless Internet service NoGo to signify that the service is still not available on all flights nearly nine months since its release.(…)

Stop Managing Activities and Start Seeing Results

Keep Everyone Busy So You Can Kill Creativity In the current economic climate (one that we’ve dubbed The Great Necession), it seems that companies are so concerned about productivity that they’re forgetting about innovation and creativity. Whether we’re all trying to cover our asses as managers or whether we truly believe that micromanagement and piling(…)

TheManager’s Leadership Book Review

Don’t Bring It to Work – Breaking the Family Patterns That Limit Success, by Sylvia Lafair, PhD I absolutely love it when an expert in a non-business field brings their knowledge to the business world. Whether it’s a former all-star athlete turned successful businessman (ala Julius Erving), or a rehabbed musician turned stock trader (ala(…)

The Truth about Cash for Clunkers

Leadership Decision Making and The Law of Unintended Consequences Certainly you’ve heard the axioms “nothing happens in a vacuum” and “for every action there is a reaction” before. We’re pretty sure that every thinking adult not only understands these sayings, but also believes them to be true. Cause and effect, means and ends, seed and(…)

Cash 4 Clunkers Causes Conservatives 2 Clamber 4 Gov’ment Cheese

Cash 4 Clunkers Causes Conservatives 2 Clamber 4 Gov’ment Cheese An interesting sociological experiment and a great leadership lesson has emerged from the US Government’s Cash For Clunkers program: We observed the previously fiscally-conservative put their hands way out, looking for their version of Government Cheese. It is difficult to get a man to understand(…)

Leadership Lessons from the US Government and the Cash for Clunkers Program

Cash for Clunkers: What we can learn about Leadership from Bureaucrats? Whether you agree or disagree that the US Government should be in the business of incentivizing the populace to buy new cars, the fact is that the so-called “cash for clunkers” program simply demonstrates that our government, like all governments, does not employ an(…)

Leadership Lessons from Barack Obama

What Business Leaders Can Learn from Obama’s Bad Week Wow, what a week for the Leader of the Free World. Just as his something-for-nothing-health-care-plan was starting to lose steam on Capitol Hill, one of his friends breaks into his own home, gets lippy with a cop and gets arrested. In his typical “you never want(…)

How Does a Young Manager from the Outside Convince an Interviewer that He Can Lead?

How Do You Convince an Interviewer That You Can Lead? Recently, a reader posed a question after finding our article explaining how young managers can lead older subordinates. Because his question (posted below) required more than just a passing comment as a response, we decided to dedicate an entire post to properly address it. Recently(…)

Leaders Don’t Get Too Caught Up In The Details

  Low Hanging Fruit and the Cost of Perfection Imagine a small airplane flying low over a crowd at a baseball game. The door of the plane opens and a smiling man appears with a large sack. He turns the sack over just as the plane flies over the bleachers and millions of dollars in(…)

Some People Should Be Allowed To Quit – Coughlin’s Law Can Always Take Over

Coughlin’s Law: Bury the Dead People leave, let’s get over it. Gone are the days when a man arrives for work in the factory two days after his high school graduation and leaves forty years later with a gold watch. The American career path hasn’t included this scenario since before Lyndon Johnson took office. Over(…)

Sarah Palin is a Quitter, and Quitters Never Win

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit Argh! I can hear my mother misquoting Vince Lombardi in my sleep: “Quitters never win, and winners never quit.” A simple saying that forced me to keep my word throughout my life – even when it cost me money. Why is it these simple clichés can hold such(…)

Sales 101 – Stop “Venting” and Start Selling!

Are You Venting or Just Making Excuses? A colleague recently posted a rant about the quality of the leads she was handling on an automotive industry social network. As a part of her diatribe on her most recent batch of Internet sales leads, she gave some great examples of just how bad the leads really(…) is the Next Big Thing – Don’t Haggle with The Manager

Chaggle is the Next (Fill in the Blank) Last month a colleague told me about this little technology startup that had carved out a pretty cool niche for themselves – and within ten minutes of hearing his description of, I was happily using what should prove to be the next big thing on the(…)

Stop Chasing and Start Leading – Leadership Lessons from the NHL

Last night the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Detroit Red Wings 2-1 in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals to win the coveted Stanley Cup. Both teams deserved to be there, both played well throughout the season, and – as evidenced by a Game 7 in a best-of-seven-series – both teams were evenly matched. Both(…)

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