Car Dealers: Overcoming the Price Objection in a Price-Transparent World

The Best Way To Overcome Today’s Price Objections Whether training sales managers for an OEM or a call center for a single-point dealer, the concern posed more than any other recently is how to overcome price objections on the phone in today’s transparent environment. Most dealers, you see, do a decent job of managing objections(…)

Self-Driving Cars: The Winners and The Losers

  Previously, I wrote about how I Will Never Own a Self-Driving Car (and Neither will You). In that post, I discussed why self-driving cars would not only become a reality, but how the leaders in this industry (folks like Google and Apple) will likely capitalize on this revolution. At the end of that article,(…)

The Top Ten Things All Business Travelers Mumble Under Their Breath

  If you travel regularly for business, you know sometimes your travel days are unmemorable; just smooth, uneventful, even mature interactions with fellow caring professionals. Of course, if you are an airport regular, you know those unmemorable travel days are few and far between. Generally speaking, for every one mature interaction with another caring professional;(…)

Facebook is a Waste of Time for 99.9% of Businesses

A little bit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing… especially in business. With Facebook recently passing the 700 million worldwide user mark and basically two-thirds of all US online consumers counted as a part of this hoard, most business leaders have been scrambling for a couple of years to leverage this incredible base for(…)

TheManager Digresses – The Paparazzi Must Die!

(Please excuse TheManager these digressions, but sometimes things outside of Leadership Development just need to be said, or in this case, written.)   The Paparazzi Must Die!   John Mayer wants paparazzi photographers to be regulated. Dennis Zine is seeking to create legal restrictions on the paparazzi. Various A-listers from George Clooney to Tom Cruise(…)

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