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Leadership Development – Blogwatch June 27, 2008

Here are a couple of interesting Leadership Development blog entries discovered by TheManager: A Great Perspective on Accountability By webmaster For quite a while now, I’ve been planning to write a series on creating a culture of accountability. There’sa huge amount to say on the subject, and I think anyone in leadership can benefit from(…)

Indecision and Analysis Paralysis

I received the following question from a reader this week: “My manager is a constant procrastinator, who seems to always fail at making decisions. It’s not that he makes bad decisions, he simply won’t ever make any decision. Whenever I approach him with a suggestion, he always wants me to go back and get more(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch June 25, 2008

Blog entries from the past few days discussing Leadership Development: What’s DNA Got To Do With It? By Epic Living I wrote last week about DNAand leadership. I got some quizzical looks when I discussed this with a few people. So in the spirit of better explaining myself, the following outlines what DNA has to(…)

Empowering Your Team To Make Decisions

In all my years teaching and developing new leaders, the neatest trick I ever tried involved managers who were stuck making every decision for their teams. No matter how many leadership development books they read or management training resources they studied, they were simply better decision makers than the group they supervised — that’s why(…)

Execution or Discussion?

The difference between high performance and failure for most companies can come down to a very simple management choice: execution versus discussion. In straightforward terms, execution is getting something done; discussion is talking about getting something done. It’s not hard to figure out which of these two creates a high performance culture in the workplace.(…)

Leadership Development Blogosphere

Re: Upcoming leadership development training with CCL 2008-06-22 15:13 GMT -0400. Dgroups: New Shared Messages – http://www.dgroups.org/ Planner Bootlegger (Richmond BC): “…development. Responsibilities The successful candidate will be responsible for maintaining sales and stock levels to maximize and increase profitability. Working in partnership with all areas of the buying … Eluta: leadership development jobs –(…)


A weird thing happened to a friend of mine recently (let’s call my friend Sue). Her company is one of the three largest customers of one of their providers. The provider, we’ll call them Widgets, Inc. had spent thousands of dollars entertaining Sue and some of her coworkers over the last couple of years. During(…)

Ask The Manager

Ask The Manager.   Go ahead, ask him. Are you afraid? Is it possible you’ll be humiliated? Brow-beaten? Demoted?   Guess what? You’ve got the poster-child of “managers.” If your manager was a leader, you not only wouldn’t be afraid to ask him questions, you’d probably already have the answer.   True leaders check their(…)

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