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Can TrueCar be Fixed? Yep, and Here’s My 10-Point Plan!

  In case you haven’t heard the news, there’s a current job opening in automotive that none of my peers will even consider: CEO of TrueCar (NASDAQ: TRUE). Most everyone I’ve spoken with about the role calls it a sure career-ender; a poisonous position that will turn even the most respected leader into an industry(…)

Some Well-Intentioned Managers Kill Employee Morale

Guest Posting by Charlie V. We all know where a road paved with good intentions leads to. Often, as managers – and as human beings in general – we believe our virtuous intentions equate to virtuous outcomes. It is only natural: we know that we mean well, so shouldn’t the results of our actions follow(…)

The 8 Douchiest Job Titles for 2014

Zappos announced at the end of last year that they would be moving to a Holacracy. There will be no managers, no hierarchy and especially NO JOB TITLES. No shit? (It’s not a coincidence to me that Holacracy is just one letter away from Hola Crazy!) Good luck, Zappos. Clearly, you haven’t seen the episode(…)

Leadership Development Blogwatch – November 23, 2008

  Best of the Leadership Development Blogs The past two weeks on the Leadership Development blogs delivered a middling of mediocrity and only a few top posts. Whether due to the economic turmoil or to some post-Halloween hangover, some of the strongest leadership writers have been quiet. (Luckily, we had a few posts, as did(…)

Yahoo Buzz is the Leadership Tool for Social Bookmarking – Sorry Digg, Yahoo Wins

We Digg the New Buzz Digg this, Yahoo Buzz is the new Digg. Digg, at www.digg.com was the social bookmarking site to end all social bookmarking sites. Not del.ci.ous, not propeller, and not stumbleupon could even come close to the diggity world of Digg.com. Everything was running smoothly at Digg until Yahoo, which might have(…)

Sales Training Blogs – Running a Private Training Blog for Your Sales Team

Q. I’m a sales manager who manages three separate sales offices that are 40 miles apart. What are your thoughts about using a blog to communicate company news and events, and deliver sales training to my teams? Andy in Ohio Great question, Andy, and great idea. There are literally thousands of companies who use blogging(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 8, 2008

Still a busy week for the Leadership Development blogs – must not be too many moms and dads getting their kids ready to go back to school – and TheManager was able to piece together the best of the Web for your reading enjoyment.   Here are today’s best Leadership Development and Management Training blog(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 5, 2008

The editors at AskTheManager.com scoured the Internet to bring you the following highlights from some of the better Leadership Development and Management Training blogs and news sources: Leadership Development – Secure The Future By admin Jay Conger states, “Business organizations are not designed to be great training grounds for leadership development. They are great training(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch July 30, 2008

It’s been a busy week on the Leadership Development blogs – possibly something to do with the rotten economy?   The editors of AskTheManager.com searched the resources on the World Wide Web to bring you the best blog posts covering Leadership Development and Management Training: Manager Stress… A Big Problem By admin admin for The(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch July 29, 2008

  The editors of AskTheManager.com searched high and low throughout the World Wide Web to bring you the best blog posts covering Leadership Development and Management Training: Leadership Development: Try Harder, Want it More By Tudor It took a very cynical view of leadership development experiences. It was also very funny. I showed it to(…)

Leadership Development Blogosphere

Re: Upcoming leadership development training with CCL 2008-06-22 15:13 GMT -0400. Dgroups: New Shared Messages – http://www.dgroups.org/ Planner Bootlegger (Richmond BC): “…development. Responsibilities The successful candidate will be responsible for maintaining sales and stock levels to maximize and increase profitability. Working in partnership with all areas of the buying … Eluta: leadership development jobs –(…)

Leadership & Management Blogosphere

  New Management Training from Voluntary Action Wakefield District By Colin Harrison Please find below information about a new course we are running for VAWD to help Managers ensure their ICT needs are being properly and efficiently managed. This is a NON-TECHNICAL course. It is to help managers know the sort of … Yorkshire and(…)

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