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Email & Voicemail Best Practices

    (This is an excerpt from the 2015 Automotive Dealer Mystery Shop Study completed by pladoogle.com; and the best practices shared below relate to the email and voicemail messages that car dealers should be using when responding to an internet sales lead.) Voicemail & Email Responses – Best Practices It’s important to remember the goal of this(…)

How to Get Ahead While Winning Over the Backstabbing Jerks at Work

Perception is reality. I wish I was the first person who ever uttered this unbelievably accurate view of the world. I guess I almost could have been the first, since the quote is most often attributed to political consultant Lee Atwater (who is only twelve years older than me). I find that odd, of course,(…)

92.6% of LinkedIn Users Believe Made Up Statistics

92.6% of LinkedIn Users Believe Made Up Statistics If you’ve spent any time at all on LinkedIn, you’ve no doubt been exposed to some terrific statistics about how perseverance pays off for salespeople. These stats, courtesy of a National Sales Executive Association study, detail some shockingly stark data that prove the average salesperson is lazy and(…)

Not all User Generated Content (UGC) is Valuable – Exhibit A: Mixtent.com

If you have more than a few connections on LinkedIn, then you’ve surely been exposed to the most asinine website dedicated to UGC since CompanyNameSucks.com: mixtent.com. (You’ll have to learn why CompanyNameSucks.com is asinine all on your own, I’m going to use the rest of this blog to tell you why I think you should(…)

Kain and Stauning Release Comprehensive Study – Lots of Leadership Lessons Throughout

After nearly a year of studying the inner workings of successful automotive dealerships’ Internet sales efforts, David Kain from Kain Automotive and Steve Stauning from pladoogle.com have released their groundbreaking study showing the activities and actions that truly drive Internet sales success for today’s automotive dealers. Their conclusions are expected to shape the structure and(…)

TheManager’s Leadership Book Review

Don’t Bring It to Work – Breaking the Family Patterns That Limit Success, by Sylvia Lafair, PhD I absolutely love it when an expert in a non-business field brings their knowledge to the business world. Whether it’s a former all-star athlete turned successful businessman (ala Julius Erving), or a rehabbed musician turned stock trader (ala(…)

The Ten Best Decision Making Books of All Time

The Ten Best Business Decision Making Books Ever Written Gaining insight into how the editors of AskTheManager.com chose the Ten Best Decision Making Books Ever can itself be a lesson in decision making. While the list of qualified books on this subject is quite long, we decided early on to exclude any and all that(…)

Save Your Money: It’s Time to Stop Trying to Improve Time Management

Time Management Tools That Work – No Such Thing If you’re a regular reader to this blog, you know we don’t put much stock in time management tips, tricks or techniques. We believe, like Stephen Covey, that you cannot manage time, you can only manage self. Any attempts, in fact, to manage time are just(…)

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: Freakonomics, The Movie

Freakonomics: The Movie During my extended time off between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I sat down with accomplished entrepreneur and filmmaker Chad Troutwine to discuss the most ambitious documentary ever to pique the interest of the editors of AskTheManager.com. For those of you unfamiliar with Chad’s work, he is a founder (along with Markus Moberg) of(…)

Bad Holiday Gifts – The Worst Gifts We Ever Received From Vendors

  Vendors Give The Darnedest Things…   Loyal reader Tye Mills sent us a question in response to our Leader’s Gift-Giving Guide article.   What are the top 10 wacky gifts you have received from vendors? – Tye Mills   Great question, Tye…   Hmm, let’s see, the unfortunate result of most truly wacky or(…)

The Wiki-Manager – Leadership Resources From Wikipedia.org

The Wiki-Leader   Often on this blog, TheManager will deliver links to other great leadership and management blogs who post relevant articles covering Leadership Development and Management Training. For this post, TheManager scoured the seemingly infinite resources at Wikipedia.org to provide you with some great leadership links – enjoy.   Leadership – Wikipedia, the free(…)

Time Management is More Than Tips and Tricks

Time management is more than just employing a few tips and tricks to help manage your day. As anyone who has tried to use time management tricks in the past knows, it doesn’t take long for you to fall back into your old routine.   Proper time management requires both a paradigm shift and new(…)

NY Times Business Best Sellers – Hardcover June 2008

  Here are the Top 5 on the list for June 2008. To see the complete list (and to see a great choice at #15) follow this link.   At number 15 this month is a great read from Marshall Goldsmith called What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – How Successful People Become Even(…)

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