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Become the Expert Without Becoming the Asshole

(WARNING: Salty language ahead. Do not continue reading if you plan to complain about the choice of words used in this post – they were chosen with great care to evoke a very specific meaning. Originally published by The Manager on LinkedIn.) Nobody likes a know-it-all. Nobody. I’m not talking about the know-it-alls who actually(…)

Some People Should Be Allowed To Quit – Coughlin’s Law Can Always Take Over

Coughlin’s Law: Bury the Dead People leave, let’s get over it. Gone are the days when a man arrives for work in the factory two days after his high school graduation and leaves forty years later with a gold watch. The American career path hasn’t included this scenario since before Lyndon Johnson took office. Over(…)

Stop the Madness – Social Networking is not a Panacea

You’re Not Ready for Social Networking A colleague who operates a retail franchise asked me my thoughts about incorporating social networking into his Internet sales efforts. Currently, he tracks about 35% of his sales directly to customers who first contacted his store via the Internet. As I explained to my colleague (without trying to sound(…)

Leadership Development Blogwatch – March 2009

Best of the Leadership Development Blogs Whenever we’re unsure about whether we’re including too much leadership development and not enough general business fun and digression on AskTheManager.com, we develop the latest Leadership Development Blogwatch and realize that the blogosphere is so filled with junk science, juvenile opinions and professional hucksters that we should almost be(…)

Leadership Development Blogwatch – January 2, 2009

  Best of the Leadership Development Blogosphere We scoured the Leadership Development posts and articles for the past several weeks to find just those precious few that deserve your attention: Are Leaders Born Or Made? Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan studied the progress of 88000 managers who had been to leadership development training. The people(…)

Leadership Development Blogwatch – November 23, 2008

  Best of the Leadership Development Blogs The past two weeks on the Leadership Development blogs delivered a middling of mediocrity and only a few top posts. Whether due to the economic turmoil or to some post-Halloween hangover, some of the strongest leadership writers have been quiet. (Luckily, we had a few posts, as did(…)

Goldman “Leaders” Choose Poverty over Incarceration

Goldman Leaders Forgo 2008 Bonuses In a recent email from one of our readers, we were asked to weigh in on the Goldman Sachs Group’s leadership decision to request no bonuses for the current calendar year. What are your thoughts on the following article?  How does this reflect leadership during these troubled times? – Tye(…)

Leadership Development Blogwatch – Post Election Edition – November 5, 2008

  Best of the Leadership Development Blogs Partly due to the 2008 Presidential Race and partly due to the NFL season (now in week 10), we’ve had trouble finding too many great posts or articles on the Leadership Development blogs. What we could find in the last few weeks was often too mediocre to recommend(…)

Sales Management Blogwatch – October 31, 2008

The Best of the Sales Management Blogs The editors of AskTheManager.com pulled some of the best posts and articles from the past couple of weeks and assembled them here for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! Selling is a Profession to be Proud of I am a sales trainer and coach; I am a sales management consultant;(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch October, 4 2008

  Leadership Development Blogwatch Hey, Mr. Manager, what happened to the weekly blogwatch on leadership? – Jerry in Nevada Wow, we didn’t think anyone would notice if we took a couple of weeks off – no one seems to care when Congress leaves their business unfinished. (I mean, we keep reelecting most of them, don’t(…)

Sales Management Blogwatch – September 28, 2008

  The Best of the Sales Management Blogosphere As is our custom at AskTheManager.com, we’ve scoured the Sales Management Blogs to bring you the very best posts and articles from the past week. For the past several months, we’ve paid close attention to the Leadership Development, Management Training, Time Management and Sales Management Blogs, and(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch September 12, 2008

  Leadership Development – Best Leadership Blogs for the Week of September 12, 2008 Great week for the leadership writers. The editors of AskTheManager were able to find some terrific posts and articles from some of the best leadership development blogs. Could all this leadership development activity have anything to do with the nomination of(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 31, 2008

Leadership Development Blogwatch   The leadership development blogs were running a little slow this week (Labor Day Holiday and all), but the editors of AskTheManager.com were able to dig through the lot and find some gems, including some Christian-based posts with good advice for the secular humanists of the world. Enjoy! Leadership Development Workshops By(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 23, 2008

The Leadership Development blogs were in full swing this week and the editors of AskTheManager.com found some decent posts and articles – of course, the absence of true leadership development advice online was the reason we created AskTheManager.com. For what it’s worth, enjoy: Leadership Development: Effective and Easy Performance Reviews By rss@vidilife.com (stjjttf) www.leadershipmadesimple.com/journal: This(…)

Sales Management – Blogwatch August 23, 2008

It was pretty potent week for the Sales Management bloggers. This week the editors of AskTheManager.com found some good Sales Management and Sales Training advice in the following posts and articles, with the best stuff coming from Paul McCord and Brad Trnavsky: Attitude and the law of attraction. By Brad Trnavsky A few days ago(…)

The Best of AskTheManager.com (June-August 2008)

The Best From AskTheManager.com Based on page traffic, the readers of AskTheManager.com anointed the following posts as the Best Leadership Development and Management Training resources on AskTheManager.com. Of course, the editors of AskTheManager.com believe most of these are fairly insignificant posts compared to the the meatier content you can find on the site… AskTheManager.com –(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 11, 2008

TheManager scoured the blogosphere to bring you these great and not so great posts and articles covering leadership development and management training from the past weekend: Six Disciplines CEO and New York Times Best-Selling Author, Gary … … continues to be a leading force in the state’s technology industry, and we’re excited to contribute to(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 8, 2008

Still a busy week for the Leadership Development blogs – must not be too many moms and dads getting their kids ready to go back to school – and TheManager was able to piece together the best of the Web for your reading enjoyment.   Here are today’s best Leadership Development and Management Training blog(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 5, 2008

The editors at AskTheManager.com scoured the Internet to bring you the following highlights from some of the better Leadership Development and Management Training blogs and news sources: Leadership Development – Secure The Future By admin Jay Conger states, “Business organizations are not designed to be great training grounds for leadership development. They are great training(…)

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