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The Leads Are Dead!

Haven’t you heard? The Leads Are Dead! According to those who struggle to generate consumer sales leads for businesses, “Sales leads are dead.” Furthermore, these (interestingly, mostly digital) marketers claim that today’s connected consumers are simply unwilling to trade their personal information online in exchange for some promise of pricing or other product data. What?(…)

8 Easy-to-Fix Website Mistakes Car Dealers Make That Are Killing Their Conversions

  As I’ve written before, your website has just two goals: Attract and Convert. Your site should be constructed in a way that is search-friendly so as to attract visitors; and then once they’re on your website, your only goal is to convert those visitors into buyers. That’s it; the only two goals.  Unfortunately, while(…)

Car Dealer Free Training Cheat Sheet

  Cheat Sheet for Free Car Dealer Training Resources About once a week I get asked if there is a place where someone can go to see all of my free training resources cataloged in an easily digestible format. For car dealers looking for just video training, we created a Suggested Training Curriculum for Car(…)

How To Mystery Shop Your Own Dealership For Free!

  No gimmicks and no tricks. In this article I am going to give you the step-by-step instructions you need to start mystery shopping your dealership’s internet sales team (and your competitors’ teams) without spending a dime (or by spending very little).  In the interest of full disclosure, my company completes a comprehensive mystery shop(…)

Car Dealers: Stop Overthinking Your Website! It’s All About Conversion!

(This is an update of a 2011 article I wrote for Digital Dealer Magazine. For some reason, my byline is absent in the online version of that post.) As I’ve said (and written) for a decade, if you’re a for-profit business, your website has only two goals: Attract Visitors. Convert those Visitors into Customers. Attract.(…)

Your Website Has Only 2 Goals

  I hate to break it to you, but if you run a for-profit business – like a car dealership – then your website has just two important goals: Goal #1 – Attract Visitors Goal #2 – Convert Visitors Sorry, that’s it. Attracting and converting visitors are the only real value your website provides and(…)

The Game Changer: Undeniable Advantage Free Live Webcasts

  Undeniable Advantage marks the first comprehensive free live training that will actually deliver real-world tactics and strategies your team can employ today! Post Falls, ID – June 27, 2016 In a bold and broad effort to change how businesses receive valuable and actionable training, the leading digital marketing and sales training expert in automotive(…)

The Best Decision-Making Book of 2016

  More than a few years ago, we compiled a list of the Ten Best Decision-Making Books Ever. And while there have been plenty of other books written on the subject since then, none have been able to crack the list… until now.  A few weeks ago, an author contacted us and asked that we(…)

What the Aussies Can Teach Us About Email Etiquette

  Sorry for the pure click-bait title, but I didn’t know what else to call this trove of helpful information that was shared with me by an Australia-based online education firm about email etiquette. Their piece, titled Email Etiquette: Improve your business writing & communication skills, is chock-full of great email stats and, more importantly,(…)

Lead Response: What’s the Goal?

  (Here’s another quick, helpful excerpt from the free 2015 Car Dealer Mystery Shop Study of more than 400 dealers.) What is the Goal of Your Team’s Lead Response? What should be your dealership’s goal when responding to e-leads? If the prospect is inquiring about a specific vehicle, should your goal be to have them reconsider(…)

Online at 30,000 Feet? Welcome to the World Wide Mile High Club

  Delta-a-GoGo: Wi-Fi in the Sky – Good, Bad, Right, Wrong? It’s Here When I first read about Delta’s plans to add wi-fi networking on some flights I was appalled. Under no circumstances did I want this one last bastion of freedom from emails to escape my personal dead zone. I truly enjoyed my twice-weekly(…)

Most Popular Leadership (and Other) Posts of 2008

The Best of – 2008 One of our regular readers sent us a nice email last night wishing us, among other things, a Happy New Year. We know it wasn’t just a mass email sent to everyone in his address book because he requested we write this post today. Specifically, he asked us to(…)

Using The Proper Email Etiquette for Business Signatures

  Proper Email Etiquette for Business Signatures In response to numerous requests to a recent series of posts covering proper email etiquette, the editors of decided it was time to put to rest the question on what should be included in a business email signature. For those of you not familiar enough with Outlook(…)

The Ten Best Warren Buffett Books of All Time

The Best of Warren Buffett With the recession looming, the stock market in the tank, and worldwide economic uncertainty, it’s nice to know America has a man like billionaire Warren Buffett to turn to for investment advice. Buffett is to the stock market what Tiger Woods is to golf. He’s the best and second place(…)

Time Management – Blogwatch September 15, 2008

  Time Management Blogwatch – September 15, 2008 We not only had a pretty good week on the time management blogs (as you’ll note by our selections below), but we also read one of the better time management books ever written. While not the best time management book ever (that crown still rests with Stephen(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 23, 2008

The Leadership Development blogs were in full swing this week and the editors of found some decent posts and articles – of course, the absence of true leadership development advice online was the reason we created For what it’s worth, enjoy: Leadership Development: Effective and Easy Performance Reviews By (stjjttf) This(…)

The Best of (June-August 2008)

The Best From Based on page traffic, the readers of anointed the following posts as the Best Leadership Development and Management Training resources on Of course, the editors of believe most of these are fairly insignificant posts compared to the the meatier content you can find on the site… –(…)

Time Management – Blogwatch August 16, 2008

The editors of were astounded at how much crap is being passed off as Time Management Training on the Internet. It seems that 90% of what’s out there is just a part of some scam to separate you from your money. (Don’t get us wrong, we are devout capitalists, but we don’t like scammers(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 11, 2008

TheManager scoured the blogosphere to bring you these great and not so great posts and articles covering leadership development and management training from the past weekend: Six Disciplines CEO and New York Times Best-Selling Author, Gary … … continues to be a leading force in the state’s technology industry, and we’re excited to contribute to(…)

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