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Call this His/Her “Jerry Maguire Moment”

(The following guest post was written by a respected colleague of mine in the automotive industry. The author, who shall remain nameless, is one of the brightest, most energetic, hardest working and truest “team players” I’ve ever met. His/her frustrations are far too common in most industries; but are especially common in automotive. His/her words(…)

The 8 Douchiest Job Titles for 2014

Zappos announced at the end of last year that they would be moving to a Holacracy. There will be no managers, no hierarchy and especially NO JOB TITLES. No shit? (It’s not a coincidence to me that Holacracy is just one letter away from Hola Crazy!) Good luck, Zappos. Clearly, you haven’t seen the episode(…)

The 10 Douchiest Job Titles in America

The 10 Douchiest Job Titles of 2012 For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to keep my business cards free of my title. I feel this way for a couple of reasons: primarily, I don’t want those outside of my company getting hung up on my title; also, I really don’t give a(…)

Salespeople Need More Leadership, Not More Technology

Too Much Technology… When working to help an underperforming business unit (in my real job) grow their revenues, I always discover instances where the unit has purchased some widget, gadget or other magic bullet designed to help them sell more. Although well-meaning, the manager who made this purchase generally believed against all his or her(…)

Young Owner, Old Manager: Who Wins in the End?

  Questions… we get Questions One of our readers, Anant, posted the following after reading our article from August 2008 titled The First Time Manager Dilemma, How Do You Gain Respect?: hi, i am facing a similar problem as mentioned above with one of my older employees, the only difference is that i am the(…)

Google is Just Like Everyone Else…

  Leadership Lessons from Google – When a Giant Makes a Giant Mistake Google announced last week that they would close three offices and lay off 100 full-time recruiters. Even though these are the first Google-hired employees ever to lose their jobs in a workforce reduction, it’s not news… not in this economy. In fact,(…)

Circuit City, Where Service Was Never State of the Art

Circuit City – We Told You So… In what was probably the easiest call in the last ten years, we told you Circuit City was going to go all the way (read our November 12, 2008 post if you don’t believe us). Back then we said you shouldn’t “be fooled by their reorganization plans; Circuit(…)

Young Managers Can Learn from Old Sayings

  Old Sayings are Often Gold Sayings Yes, that hackneyed phrase was as hard to type as it is to read, but I used it to illustrate a point: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; you do reap what you sow; and actions do speak louder than words. Is it just(…)

Goldman “Leaders” Choose Poverty over Incarceration

Goldman Leaders Forgo 2008 Bonuses In a recent email from one of our readers, we were asked to weigh in on the Goldman Sachs Group’s leadership decision to request no bonuses for the current calendar year. What are your thoughts on the following article?  How does this reflect leadership during these troubled times? – Tye(…)

New Managers – How Do You Keep From Getting Run Over?

New Managers – Avoiding the Inevitable Traps AC from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (that’s in Canada for the geographically challenged leaders out there) wrote us in August for some advice on how to gain respect as a new manager. To read her original concerns and our response, please follow this link. We were anxious about her situation,(…)

Leadership and Impartiality – AskTheManager

Leadership and Impartiality Of all the leadership development lessons we can learn from the 2008 Presidential Elections, there is probably none so clear as how the lack of impartiality equates to poor leadership. Interestingly, these lessons are not learned so much from the candidates –Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin most certainly lost their ability to(…)

Lehman Brothers, Leadership and Business Bankruptcy

  Leadership and Business Bankruptcy Bennigan’s, Mrs. Fields and Lehman Brothers. Not really three names you’d ever expect to see in the same sentence, but all three have one thing in common: they all declared bankruptcy in 2008 and substandard leadership is to blame. Lehman Brothers is certainly the most shocking name on this list.(…)

Business Writing – The Death of Grammar and Punctuation

Whatever Happened to Good Business Writing?   I’m embarrassed (for the sender) to report that I received the following email from someone trying to sell my company their product:   Subject: revolusionarry new interent product   Dear prospective buyer,   Do you strive too ensure you’re team are always there most producive? Are you tired(…)

Knowledge Hoarders & The Mack Truck Theory

Q. I’m the office manager at a large Midwestern distribution company. We sell a variety of products to retailers across the US, and have a sophisticated computer system that can show the status of orders with just a few clicks. My problem is that the operations managers like to work the orders on legal pads(…)

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