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The 25 Most Annoying Business Phrases

The 25 Most Annoying Business Phrases Managers Use From the overused to the clichéd, we are inundated on a daily basis with annoying and ridiculous business phrases from the lips of well-meaning managers. Why so many of us, present company included, rely on the latest catch phrases or tired business jargon to relay a particular(…)

Sales Management Blogwatch – October 31, 2008

The Best of the Sales Management Blogs The editors of pulled some of the best posts and articles from the past couple of weeks and assembled them here for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! Selling is a Profession to be Proud of I am a sales trainer and coach; I am a sales management consultant;(…)

Using The Proper Email Etiquette for Business Signatures

  Proper Email Etiquette for Business Signatures In response to numerous requests to a recent series of posts covering proper email etiquette, the editors of decided it was time to put to rest the question on what should be included in a business email signature. For those of you not familiar enough with Outlook(…)

The Ten Best Warren Buffett Books of All Time

The Best of Warren Buffett With the recession looming, the stock market in the tank, and worldwide economic uncertainty, it’s nice to know America has a man like billionaire Warren Buffett to turn to for investment advice. Buffett is to the stock market what Tiger Woods is to golf. He’s the best and second place(…)

Sales Management – Blogwatch September 21, 2008

  Sales Management – The Best of the Blogs The Sales Management Blogs have been as busy as the editors of AskTheManager. We’ve been remiss at brining you the very best Sales Management tips and advice, but we’re back with a vengeance. There is some great advice in this week’s blog posts and articles. We(…)

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