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92.6% of LinkedIn Users Believe Made Up Statistics

92.6% of LinkedIn Users Believe Made Up Statistics If you’ve spent any time at all on LinkedIn, you’ve no doubt been exposed to some terrific statistics about how perseverance pays off for salespeople. These stats, courtesy of a National Sales Executive Association study, detail some shockingly stark data that prove the average salesperson is lazy and(…)

Sarah Palin is a Quitter, and Quitters Never Win

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit Argh! I can hear my mother misquoting Vince Lombardi in my sleep: “Quitters never win, and winners never quit.” A simple saying that forced me to keep my word throughout my life – even when it cost me money. Why is it these simple clichés can hold such(…)

The Great Necession: Leading in Tough Economic Times

It’s not a Recession, It’s a Necession Anyone bothering to pay attention to what’s happening with consumer spending in the current recession can note one trend: that is, even those consumers who are likely to be unaffected by the economic downturn are helping fuel the recession because they’ve gone into wallet lockdown. They’ve declared that(…)

Top Ten Resume Tips for Managers

The Top 10 Resume Tips for Out-of-Work Leaders One of our loyal readers sent us an email this week that included their resume. As has likely happened to someone you know, this manager got caught up in the current economic turmoil and their position was eliminated. No notice. No severance. No clear prospects. Since it’s(…)

Sales Management Blogwatch – February 21, 2009

Sales Management Blogwatch If it feels like it’s been months since our last Blogwatch in the Sales Management series, that’s because it has. We’ve been scouring the Web for any semblance of great blog entries to help us create a decent Blogwatch and we continued to come up empty handed. Sure, we saw some great(…)

Management Training Blogwatch – January 5, 2009

Management Training Blogwatch – Best of the Blogs We scoured and we scrubbed and we were left with just few posts and articles worthy of making it into your reading rotation for all things Management Training. Perhaps it was the holidays and everyone was taking off between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, but we simply(…)

Catch Your Limit: Management Consultancy, Leadership Blog and Fish Cleaning Service

  Great Leadership Blog Worthy of Special Mention – As our regular readers know, we produce four semi-regular Blogwatch series covering Time Management, Sales Management, Management Training and Leadership Development. In these series we attempt to help you cut through the clutter and discover great writing and great advice. While we think we do(…)

Most Popular Leadership (and Other) Posts of 2008

The Best of – 2008 One of our regular readers sent us a nice email last night wishing us, among other things, a Happy New Year. We know it wasn’t just a mass email sent to everyone in his address book because he requested we write this post today. Specifically, he asked us to(…)

Time Management Blogwatch – December 30, 2008

Time Management Blogwatch – December 2008 For what it’s worth, we cobbled together the best of the time management blog posts and articles from this past month of procrastination fascination. Lest you think we’re kidding about the drivel that fills the time management blogs, imagine reading the thousands of posts we rejected including one that(…)

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: Freakonomics, The Movie

Freakonomics: The Movie During my extended time off between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I sat down with accomplished entrepreneur and filmmaker Chad Troutwine to discuss the most ambitious documentary ever to pique the interest of the editors of For those of you unfamiliar with Chad’s work, he is a founder (along with Markus Moberg) of(…)

Sales Management Blogwatch – November 19, 2008

  The Best of the Sales Management Blogs A colleague asked me this week about my first commissioned sales job – he, too, started in sales and worked his way up to management. After a few minutes of friendly banter about old school sales managers and the like, we went back to our regular grind.(…)

Management Training Blogwatch – November 13, 2008

  Management Training Blogs – The Best of the Best As is a semi-regular custom here, the editors of scoured the billions of pages of the World Wide Web to bring you the best Management Training-related blog posts and articles for past few weeks. The pickings are slim here, folks. This means we either(…)

Management Training Blogwatch – October 14, 2008

The Best of the Management Training Blogs – Week of October 14, 2008 The past week saw some decent, though not terrific posts, advice and articles for managers interested in growing their leadership skills. The editors of combed through the drivel to deliver you the Best of the Management Training Blogs, enjoy! Being a(…)

New Managers – How Do You Keep From Getting Run Over?

New Managers – Avoiding the Inevitable Traps AC from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (that’s in Canada for the geographically challenged leaders out there) wrote us in August for some advice on how to gain respect as a new manager. To read her original concerns and our response, please follow this link. We were anxious about her situation,(…)

Obama, McCain, Biden or Palin – Who’s the Best Leader?

  Which Presidential or Vice Presidential Hopeful Would Make the Best Leader?   Over the past several days, the editors of released their leadership ratings and rankings of all forty-two US Presidents from Washington to Bush. We examined how these men would perform as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company by using what(…)

Ratings & Rankings of the Presidents of the United States

  How Do US Presidents Rank as Business Leaders? (Part Three of Three)   (This is the third article in a three-series post. Please see the first and second articles in this series by following this link for our notes associated with each President, and this link for our “worst to first” rankings of the(…)

The Best and Worst Presidential Leaders in History

  How Do Our 42 US Presidents Rank as Leaders? (Part Two of Three)   Where does your favorite President of the United States rank in terms of business leadership in the new millennium? Could all or any of the US Presidents successfully run a large corporation today? Did they have what it takes to(…)

How Would the Presidents of the United States Rank as Business Leaders?

  How Would The 42 US Presidents Rank as Business Leaders?   Where does your favorite President of the United States rank in terms of business leadership in the new millennium? Could all or any of the US Presidents successfully run a large corporation today? Did they have what it takes to be a true(…)

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