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Become the Expert Without Becoming the Asshole

(WARNING: Salty language ahead. Do not continue reading if you plan to complain about the choice of words used in this post – they were chosen with great care to evoke a very specific meaning. Originally published by The Manager on LinkedIn.) Nobody likes a know-it-all. Nobody. I’m not talking about the know-it-alls who actually(…)

How Caught Car Dealers Off Guard

  The Internet is (finally) introducing progress to the car business… whether automotive retailers like it or not. While the Internet itself has so far been little more than an evolution of how car dealers do business (think about it: dealers have been receiving and responding to sales leads from Internet customers for more than(…)

Kain and Stauning Release Comprehensive Study – Lots of Leadership Lessons Throughout

After nearly a year of studying the inner workings of successful automotive dealerships’ Internet sales efforts, David Kain from Kain Automotive and Steve Stauning from have released their groundbreaking study showing the activities and actions that truly drive Internet sales success for today’s automotive dealers. Their conclusions are expected to shape the structure and(…)

The New Learning Gap: Business Leaders Know Little About The Internet

Today’s Leaders Are Tomorrow’s Followers   For some reason I’ve run into too many business leaders lately who know less and less about how their businesses are being marketed on the Internet. From owners and CEOs to vice presidents and general managers, leaders (even good ones) are getting further detached from the realities of what(…)

Stop Managing Activities and Start Seeing Results

Keep Everyone Busy So You Can Kill Creativity In the current economic climate (one that we’ve dubbed The Great Necession), it seems that companies are so concerned about productivity that they’re forgetting about innovation and creativity. Whether we’re all trying to cover our asses as managers or whether we truly believe that micromanagement and piling(…)

Leadership Lessons from Barack Obama

What Business Leaders Can Learn from Obama’s Bad Week Wow, what a week for the Leader of the Free World. Just as his something-for-nothing-health-care-plan was starting to lose steam on Capitol Hill, one of his friends breaks into his own home, gets lippy with a cop and gets arrested. In his typical “you never want(…)

Uplifted in the Down Economy – Guest Article by Bill Curran

I don’t know about the best of times but these sure feel like the worst of them. It’s as close to Dickens’s London as I dare want to see us go. Dickens would have been hard pressed to pen an economic/social setting as ugly as the one we find ourselves in today. Eventually, we will(…)

Lazy Kids and the End of Entrepreneurship in America

The Future of Entrepreneurship in America I noticed something strange while sitting on my front porch today: A professional landscaping crew of seven had descended on my cul-de-sac to industriously cut the lawns and trim the bushes at my home and the homes of my neighbors on either side. While this same event happens twice(…)

Proper Filenames are Critical to Proper Business Etiquette

  Sometimes You Have to be a Prick to Those Outside of Your Company   I just received the March 2009 purchase report from one of our company’s 50+ vendors who provide such recaps. This particular vendor chose to name the file MyCompanyMarch.xls. By “MyCompanyMarch,” I mean he put the name of my company and(…)

Young Owner, Old Manager: Who Wins in the End?

  Questions… we get Questions One of our readers, Anant, posted the following after reading our article from August 2008 titled The First Time Manager Dilemma, How Do You Gain Respect?: hi, i am facing a similar problem as mentioned above with one of my older employees, the only difference is that i am the(…)

Leadership Lessons from Corporate America’s Amateur Lobbyists

Leadership and the Bully Pulpit Michael Jackson (no, not that Michael Jackson) loves the bully pulpit. AutoNation’s Michael Jackson, we’ll call him the “non-gloved-one,” is everywhere these days. Officially, he serves as the CEO of the largest automotive dealer group in the US. Unofficially, he serves as the primary spokesperson for all curmudgeons who are(…)

Management Training Blogwatch – January 5, 2009

Management Training Blogwatch – Best of the Blogs We scoured and we scrubbed and we were left with just few posts and articles worthy of making it into your reading rotation for all things Management Training. Perhaps it was the holidays and everyone was taking off between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, but we simply(…)

Sales Training 101 – Reciprocity is Childsplay

  Reciprocity – Sales Training 101 From a very early age, we all learn about reciprocation. That is, when someone does something nice for us, we tend to do something nice for them. As humans, most of us don’t want to be indebted to someone else – especially someone we barely know. In sales, we(…)

Management Training Blogwatch – November 13, 2008

  Management Training Blogs – The Best of the Best As is a semi-regular custom here, the editors of scoured the billions of pages of the World Wide Web to bring you the best Management Training-related blog posts and articles for past few weeks. The pickings are slim here, folks. This means we either(…)

Leadership Lessons From Circuit City – Ho Hum, Another Bankrupt Retailer

  Circuit City – Another One Bites the Dust In what might be the least surprising business announcement of 2008, Circuit City filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday. Wow, really? Color us shocked. To be honest, we’re a little shocked it took this long. We’re also a little surprised that their creditors aren’t(…)

Managing Up When Your Boss Refuses to Lead

  Managing Up – Overcoming the Fear of Leading the Dullards Above You Explaining to your boss or your boss’ boss that he/she is an idiot is never a good idea, though everyday in American business we are faced with substandard leadership and a mission at hand. How can we help move the business forward(…)

Management Training Blogwatch – October 14, 2008

The Best of the Management Training Blogs – Week of October 14, 2008 The past week saw some decent, though not terrific posts, advice and articles for managers interested in growing their leadership skills. The editors of combed through the drivel to deliver you the Best of the Management Training Blogs, enjoy! Being a(…)

Management Decision Making – How Do Managers Make Decisions?

  Questions from Our Readers – Empowering Your Team to Make Decisions In response to our recent post regarding empowering your team to make decisions (to read that post, follow this link), Olzhas writes: How do managers make decisions? How might they make better decisions? How do job satisfaction and organizational commitment affect an individual’s(…)

New Managers – How Do You Keep From Getting Run Over?

New Managers – Avoiding the Inevitable Traps AC from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (that’s in Canada for the geographically challenged leaders out there) wrote us in August for some advice on how to gain respect as a new manager. To read her original concerns and our response, please follow this link. We were anxious about her situation,(…)

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