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Management Training – Blogwatch September 1, 2008

The Best Management Training Blogs for the week of September 1, 2008   Although we’re at the end of a long holiday weekend, there were a few decent posts this week covering the world of Management Training. The editors of scoured the World Wide Web to being you the Best Management Training Blogs and(…)

Young Managers – How Do They Lead Older Subordinates?

Effect Of Generational Differences On Young Managers How does understanding generational differences affect the success of new managers? More and more managers are (and will be) younger than their team members. What must a “younger” manager consider when leading “older” team members? – Andy in Ohio Great questions, Andy. As someone who has been on(…)

The Best of (June-August 2008)

The Best From Based on page traffic, the readers of anointed the following posts as the Best Leadership Development and Management Training resources on Of course, the editors of believe most of these are fairly insignificant posts compared to the the meatier content you can find on the site… –(…)

The Traps New Managers Fall Into

The New Manager Traps Help, I’m lost. I’ve been a manger for exactly 34 days and I feel like I’m drowning. The biggest issues I have are my time (there’s not enough) and my people (I am now responsible for the lives and livelihoods of 19 people). Any advice? Alan in San Diego, CA Alan,(…)

Management Training – Blogwatch August 16, 2008

It was a slow week for great posts on the Management Training blogs, through TheManager scoured the World Wide Web this week to bring you the best posts and articles covering Management Training: Management Training – Now You Can Motivate By gyahner It is nevertheless a difficult problem to face if you think that management(…)

The First Time Manager Dilemma, How Do You Gain Respect?

  How Does A Young Manager Gain Respect? I am a young, newly promoted sales manager who stepped into what feels like a mine trap. I have been appointed to a brand new store filled with employees who lack professionalism and seem to be all out for themselves. I am the youngest associate to ever(…)

The Six Worst Business Email Etiquette Mistakes Ever

Proper Business Email Etiquette – Part 2 If you’re in business, it’s time you learned how to properly send an email. Just because you can open Outlook and click “send” doesn’t mean you’re qualified to use email as a business tool. This is the second part of a two part series covering the Twelve Worst(…)

The Twelve Worst Business Email Etiquette Mistakes Ever

(Editors’ Note: This is a follow-up article to a post by TheManager on August 7, 2008 that detailed the most common mistakes in emails. To read that post, follow this link.) Proper Business Email Etiquette If you’re in business, it’s time you knew how to send an email. Just because you can open Outlook and(…)

Help! My Boss is a Jerk!

  Q. Every time my coworkers or I ask my manager a question, he snaps at us and tries to make us feel stupid for not already knowing the answer. What should we do? Lisa in Raleigh, NC   Well, as my teachers always said: there are no stupid questions. Of course, it sounds like(…)

Management by Questioning: Training Sales Managers to Lead in Tough Economic Times

Management by Questioning… Not the most electrifying title for a post, I know, but an important topic nonetheless.   A friend who owns a successful business recently lamented that his sales teams were ineffective selling into the “terrible economy” we’re faced with today. I was surprised, because this man has always done a great job(…)

Why Your Best Salesman Will Fail as Sales Manager

It seems odd that the best salespeople do not make the best sales managers. But that is, unfortunately, the truth.   Empirically speaking, this seems to be a function of “how” those salespeople became great. More often than not, truly great salespeople have some internal “it” that makes them great. They have trouble explaining the(…)

NY Times Business Best Sellers – Hardcover July 2008

  Here are the Top 5 on the NY Times Business Hardcover list for July 2008. To see the complete list (and to see a great choice that’s been at #15 for two months in a row) follow this link.   At number 15 again this month is the great read from Marshall Goldsmith called What(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch July 13, 2008

TheManager scoured the World Wide Web and found a few choice blog posts and interesting news articles covering Management Training and Leadership Development. Take a few moments to digest these recent articles and posts: ‘Visionary’ sports programme for Dubai Financial Times – London,England,UK The agreement, with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Programme for Leadership Development and the Dubai(…)

Knowledge Hoarders & The Mack Truck Theory

Q. I’m the office manager at a large Midwestern distribution company. We sell a variety of products to retailers across the US, and have a sophisticated computer system that can show the status of orders with just a few clicks. My problem is that the operations managers like to work the orders on legal pads(…)

The Single Most Important Trait in a Good Manager

When we look deeply at Management Training and the plethora of business training resources, business books and self-help seminars meant to assist us in the quest for the Holy Grail of Leadership, it’s interesting that so few of these really speak to the root of the issue with bad managers. Whenever I’ve encountered a truly(…)

Leadership v. Management: The Great Business Debate

Leadership versus Management   Included in the great debates of business today is the always interesting “Leadership v. Management” fight. Whenever I read an online business blog or leadership resource that tackles this seeming duality, I find it interesting that there seem to be only two ways this topic is presented…   Lists of overlapping(…)

Management Training – Blogwatch July 1, 2008

Here are a few choice blog posts TheManager found covering Management Training: Showcase: books and sins By Elizabeth I was at the Best Practice Showcase last Tuesday and I actually had a really good time, which is strange given that it was mainly an event for project management training companies to sell at the punters.(…)

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