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Here is Every Reason You Should NOT Create a Centralized BDC

  Quick Quiz: If you’re part of an automotive dealer group comprised of anywhere between 2 and 290 stores and you do not run a centralized sales BDC, then you’re: A. Wasting Money B. Losing Sales C. At a Competitive Disadvantage D. Not Leveraging Your Economies of Scale E. All of the Above If you(…)

The Three Cs of Phone Skills Mastery

  While I tend to do a lot of phone training, it’s not my favorite skill to teach. This is not because my phone skills training lacks substance or robustness or even uniqueness – it provides all three (and you can even get most of it for free online) – it’s because that no matter(…)

Sales Training 101 – Reciprocity is Childsplay

  Reciprocity – Sales Training 101 From a very early age, we all learn about reciprocation. That is, when someone does something nice for us, we tend to do something nice for them. As humans, most of us don’t want to be indebted to someone else – especially someone we barely know. In sales, we(…)

Time Management Blogwatch – November 9, 2008

  The Best of the Time Management Blogs Although we already identified the number one time management of all time tool earlier this week (to see this post, follow this link), we felt compelled to scan the blogosphere and deliver to you the best of the Time Management Blogs from the past few weeks. Time(…)

Time Management – Blogwatch August 28, 2008

  The Time Management blogs continue to deliver 90% tips, tricks and money-making scams and just 10% substance. Of course, you cannot expect to improve your effectiveness (real “time management”) incorporating a few tips and tricks. editors scoured the blogs to find anything remotely associated with real time management (that is, improving effectiveness).(…)

Time Management – Blogwatch August 20, 2008

  The editors of scoured the vast resources of the World Wide Web to bring you these terrific and semi-terrific posts and articles cover Time Management.   Of course, most everything written about Time Management (including the posts below) encourage the use of tips and tricks. Let us warn you now, tips and tricks(…)

Management Training – Blogwatch August 16, 2008

It was a slow week for great posts on the Management Training blogs, through TheManager scoured the World Wide Web this week to bring you the best posts and articles covering Management Training: Management Training – Now You Can Motivate By gyahner It is nevertheless a difficult problem to face if you think that management(…)

Sales Management – Blogwatch August 10, 2008

  TheManager scoured the leadership development blogs on the World Wide Web to bring you these great and not so great posts and articles covering sales management from the past week: Outlook as your CRM Tool Unlike traditional CRM or sales management software, Prophet is built into Outlook, eliminating the need to manage multiple contact(…)

Business Writing – The Most Common Typos in Email Today

Whatever Happened to Good Business Writing?   (To read the first article in this series, please follow this link.)   (To read the Twelve Worst Business Email Etiquette Mistakes of All Time, as determined by the editors of, follow this link.)   …   As promised in yesterday’s post, here is the list of(…)

Business Writing – The Death of Grammar and Punctuation

Whatever Happened to Good Business Writing?   I’m embarrassed (for the sender) to report that I received the following email from someone trying to sell my company their product:   Subject: revolusionarry new interent product   Dear prospective buyer,   Do you strive too ensure you’re team are always there most producive? Are you tired(…)

The Wiki-Manager – Leadership Resources From

The Wiki-Leader   Often on this blog, TheManager will deliver links to other great leadership and management blogs who post relevant articles covering Leadership Development and Management Training. For this post, TheManager scoured the seemingly infinite resources at to provide you with some great leadership links – enjoy.   Leadership – Wikipedia, the free(…)

Leadership Development – Blogwatch July 13, 2008

TheManager scoured the World Wide Web and found a few choice blog posts and interesting news articles covering Management Training and Leadership Development. Take a few moments to digest these recent articles and posts: ‘Visionary’ sports programme for Dubai Financial Times – London,England,UK The agreement, with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Programme for Leadership Development and the Dubai(…)

Ask The Manager

Ask The Manager.   Go ahead, ask him. Are you afraid? Is it possible you’ll be humiliated? Brow-beaten? Demoted?   Guess what? You’ve got the poster-child of “managers.” If your manager was a leader, you not only wouldn’t be afraid to ask him questions, you’d probably already have the answer.   True leaders check their(…)

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