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Are Car Dealer Online Service Scheduling Applications Chasing Customers Away?

  Let me start this post by stating unequivocally that I am big fan of online service scheduling applications for car dealers. When set up correctly, these little tools can save you and your customers the headaches and hassles of numerous service phone calls. When set up correctly. Without getting into the weeds, suffice it(…)

Hey Car Dealers: Speed Up Your F&I or Else!

  NEWSFLASH: Consumers are tired of wasting 3-5 hours of their lives buying a car. The average prospect today has done more than 19 hours of research before they ever set foot on your lot; so they know what they want to buy, they just don’t want to spend an entire day buying it from(…)

Rules Matter: How 5 Simple Rules Stop Car Salespeople from Skating Each Other

5 Simple Rules… for Eliminating Skating Forever If the only place you’ve ever worked is for one of America’s car dealerships, then you may not be aware that other industries don’t reward those who steal from their coworkers. Only dealership employees enjoy the added perk of being rewarded for cheating each other at will. We(…)

Why Some Businesses Never Change

  Have you ever wondered why some businesses – even after being alerted to oncoming, meaningful risks and threats – never seem to change direction? Or why the managers in these institutions seem content with the same old-same old despite instructions from above to adapt or die? Often, the obstacles to making real changes (especially(…)

Time Management Blogwatch – December 30, 2008

Time Management Blogwatch – December 2008 For what it’s worth, we cobbled together the best of the time management blog posts and articles from this past month of procrastination fascination. Lest you think we’re kidding about the drivel that fills the time management blogs, imagine reading the thousands of posts we rejected including one that(…)

Save Your Money: It’s Time to Stop Trying to Improve Time Management

Time Management Tools That Work – No Such Thing If you’re a regular reader to this blog, you know we don’t put much stock in time management tips, tricks or techniques. We believe, like Stephen Covey, that you cannot manage time, you can only manage self. Any attempts, in fact, to manage time are just(…)

The Best Time Management Tool Ever

  Time Management’s Greatest Tool Ever The Internet (especially the blogosphere) is filled with advice extolling every flavor of tip and trick designed to help you manage your time better. New managers are especially vulnerable to the lure of something easy that can help them squeeze more hours out of every day. The truth is(…)

Time Management Blogwatch – October 12, 2008

  Time Management – Words of Wisdom from the Time Management Bloggers As we’ve written before, the Time Management blogs are often the most active and ineffective bloggers around. They generally post lots of Time Management tips and tricks that are worthless to real leaders who want to be more effective. Time Management, as our(…)

Time Management – Blogwatch September 15, 2008

  Time Management Blogwatch – September 15, 2008 We not only had a pretty good week on the time management blogs (as you’ll note by our selections below), but we also read one of the better time management books ever written. While not the best time management book ever (that crown still rests with Stephen(…)

Time Management – Blogwatch September 1, 2008

  Time Management Blogwatch   The Time Management blogs continue to be a mixed bag. Some decent advice, coupled with silly time management tips and tricks. We sorted through the chaff of this week’s posts and we’re hopeful we gave you the wheat. (We are human, so we make a few misses now and then).(…)

Time Management – Blogwatch August 28, 2008

  The Time Management blogs continue to deliver 90% tips, tricks and money-making scams and just 10% substance. Of course, you cannot expect to improve your effectiveness (real “time management”) incorporating a few tips and tricks.   AskTheManager.com editors scoured the blogs to find anything remotely associated with real time management (that is, improving effectiveness).(…)

Time Management – Blogwatch August 20, 2008

  The editors of AskTheManager.com scoured the vast resources of the World Wide Web to bring you these terrific and semi-terrific posts and articles cover Time Management.   Of course, most everything written about Time Management (including the posts below) encourage the use of tips and tricks. Let us warn you now, tips and tricks(…)

Time Management – Blogwatch August 16, 2008

The editors of AskTheManager.com were astounded at how much crap is being passed off as Time Management Training on the Internet. It seems that 90% of what’s out there is just a part of some scam to separate you from your money. (Don’t get us wrong, we are devout capitalists, but we don’t like scammers(…)

Time Management is More Than Tips and Tricks

Time management is more than just employing a few tips and tricks to help manage your day. As anyone who has tried to use time management tricks in the past knows, it doesn’t take long for you to fall back into your old routine.   Proper time management requires both a paradigm shift and new(…)

Management Training – Blogwatch July 1, 2008

Here are a few choice blog posts TheManager found covering Management Training: Showcase: books and sins By Elizabeth I was at the Best Practice Showcase last Tuesday and I actually had a really good time, which is strange given that it was mainly an event for project management training companies to sell at the punters.(…)

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