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Why Some Businesses Never Change

  Have you ever wondered why some businesses – even after being alerted to oncoming, meaningful risks and threats – never seem to change direction? Or why the managers in these institutions seem content with the same old-same old despite instructions from above to adapt or die? Often, the obstacles to making real changes (especially(…)

Call this His/Her “Jerry Maguire Moment”

(The following guest post was written by a respected colleague of mine in the automotive industry. The author, who shall remain nameless, is one of the brightest, most energetic, hardest working and truest “team players” I’ve ever met. His/her frustrations are far too common in most industries; but are especially common in automotive. His/her words(…)

The 10 Douchiest Job Titles in America

The 10 Douchiest Job Titles of 2012 For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to keep my business cards free of my title. I feel this way for a couple of reasons: primarily, I don’t want those outside of my company getting hung up on my title; also, I really don’t give a(…)

How TrueCar.com Caught Car Dealers Off Guard

  The Internet is (finally) introducing progress to the car business… whether automotive retailers like it or not. While the Internet itself has so far been little more than an evolution of how car dealers do business (think about it: dealers have been receiving and responding to sales leads from Internet customers for more than(…)

Kain and Stauning Release Comprehensive Study – Lots of Leadership Lessons Throughout

After nearly a year of studying the inner workings of successful automotive dealerships’ Internet sales efforts, David Kain from Kain Automotive and Steve Stauning from pladoogle.com have released their groundbreaking study showing the activities and actions that truly drive Internet sales success for today’s automotive dealers. Their conclusions are expected to shape the structure and(…)

Stop Managing Activities and Start Seeing Results

Keep Everyone Busy So You Can Kill Creativity In the current economic climate (one that we’ve dubbed The Great Necession), it seems that companies are so concerned about productivity that they’re forgetting about innovation and creativity. Whether we’re all trying to cover our asses as managers or whether we truly believe that micromanagement and piling(…)

Leadership Lessons from the US Government and the Cash for Clunkers Program

Cash for Clunkers: What we can learn about Leadership from Bureaucrats? Whether you agree or disagree that the US Government should be in the business of incentivizing the populace to buy new cars, the fact is that the so-called “cash for clunkers” program simply demonstrates that our government, like all governments, does not employ an(…)

Leaders Don’t Get Too Caught Up In The Details

  Low Hanging Fruit and the Cost of Perfection Imagine a small airplane flying low over a crowd at a baseball game. The door of the plane opens and a smiling man appears with a large sack. He turns the sack over just as the plane flies over the bleachers and millions of dollars in(…)

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss – Dealing with Your New Boss

How Do You Deal With a New Boss? One of our regular readers – and someone who asked our advice very early on in the legacy that has become AskTheManager.com – AngelCakes from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan recently provided us with both an update on her management career and a new dilemma. When we first heard from(…)

Leadership Lessons from Corporate America’s Amateur Lobbyists

Leadership and the Bully Pulpit Michael Jackson (no, not that Michael Jackson) loves the bully pulpit. AutoNation’s Michael Jackson, we’ll call him the “non-gloved-one,” is everywhere these days. Officially, he serves as the CEO of the largest automotive dealer group in the US. Unofficially, he serves as the primary spokesperson for all curmudgeons who are(…)

Google is Just Like Everyone Else…

  Leadership Lessons from Google – When a Giant Makes a Giant Mistake Google announced last week that they would close three offices and lay off 100 full-time recruiters. Even though these are the first Google-hired employees ever to lose their jobs in a workforce reduction, it’s not news… not in this economy. In fact,(…)

The Death of Data-Based Decision Making

Why Does My Industry Refuse to Use Data? True story – of course, whenever anyone says or writes this it generally means that everything else they’ve ever told you is BS – anyway, true story: a highly compensated colleague wrote to a group of fellow highly compensated colleagues and asked “does anyone have any data(…)

Leadership Lessons From Circuit City – Ho Hum, Another Bankrupt Retailer

  Circuit City – Another One Bites the Dust In what might be the least surprising business announcement of 2008, Circuit City filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday. Wow, really? Color us shocked. To be honest, we’re a little shocked it took this long. We’re also a little surprised that their creditors aren’t(…)

The 25 Most Annoying Business Phrases

The 25 Most Annoying Business Phrases Managers Use From the overused to the clichéd, we are inundated on a daily basis with annoying and ridiculous business phrases from the lips of well-meaning managers. Why so many of us, present company included, rely on the latest catch phrases or tired business jargon to relay a particular(…)

Managing Up When Your Boss Refuses to Lead

  Managing Up – Overcoming the Fear of Leading the Dullards Above You Explaining to your boss or your boss’ boss that he/she is an idiot is never a good idea, though everyday in American business we are faced with substandard leadership and a mission at hand. How can we help move the business forward(…)

Management Decision Making – How Do Managers Make Decisions?

  Questions from Our Readers – Empowering Your Team to Make Decisions In response to our recent post regarding empowering your team to make decisions (to read that post, follow this link), Olzhas writes: How do managers make decisions? How might they make better decisions? How do job satisfaction and organizational commitment affect an individual’s(…)

Considering a Job Change? Watch Out For Red Flags in the Interview

  Potential Employer With Great Promises and a Lowball Offer   I am faced with a dilemma and I need some advice. Although I am currently employed, I had a meeting with a prospective employer and things went (mostly) great. Although they knew my salary restrictions going in, they balked at guaranteeing anything near that(…)

Help! My Boss is a Jerk!

  Q. Every time my coworkers or I ask my manager a question, he snaps at us and tries to make us feel stupid for not already knowing the answer. What should we do? Lisa in Raleigh, NC   Well, as my teachers always said: there are no stupid questions. Of course, it sounds like(…)

Ask The Manager

Ask The Manager.   Go ahead, ask him. Are you afraid? Is it possible you’ll be humiliated? Brow-beaten? Demoted?   Guess what? You’ve got the poster-child of “managers.” If your manager was a leader, you not only wouldn’t be afraid to ask him questions, you’d probably already have the answer.   True leaders check their(…)

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