The Game Changer: Undeniable Advantage Free Live Webcasts


Undeniable Advantage marks the first comprehensive free live training that will actually deliver real-world tactics and strategies your team can employ today!

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Post Falls, ID – June 27, 2016

In a bold and broad effort to change how businesses receive valuable and actionable training, the leading digital marketing and sales training expert in automotive is launching a free live webcast series titled Undeniable Advantage. The series, which premieres with its first live webcast on July 20, 2016, will deliver leadership, sales, digital marketing and other important training that businesses need to thrive and survive in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Steve Stauning, creator of , the highly popular free video training website, announced the launch of the Undeniable Advantage series this month. Unlike, where free video training is presented in a series of short pre-recorded lessons meant to be watched at the viewer’s individual pace, the Undeniable Advantage series will deliver live, full-length classes to interested attendees via free online broadcasts.

“With a live webcast, we’re better able to meet the requirements of those most in need of our training,” said host Steve Stauning. “For example, attendees will be able to ask questions throughout the webcast via Twitter using our hashtag #UDadvantage.”

The first Undeniable Advantage webcast, which begins at Noon Eastern on July 20, will focus on how car dealers can generate more leads, phone calls and sales from their existing website traffic. Opening with a detailed look at how today’s customer is vastly different than when dealers first created their websites, and concluding with plenty of actionable advice, tactics and strategies that dealers can employ immediately to drive more business from their websites; attendees will leave this webcast with a truly undeniable advantage over their competitors.

But, will America’s car dealers take advantage of this chance to gain an undeniable advantage?

“There are more than 17,000 franchised dealerships in the US, and fewer than 200 will likely ensure they have someone attending this free session,” added Stauning. “And that’s just sad. Especially when you consider the tens of thousands of dollars the average dealer is wasting every month on digital marketing.”

Of course, because the sessions will be broadcast live over the internet, the free Undeniable Advantage series is open not only to car dealers in America, but really any business in any country looking to get the most from their respective websites without spending more on digital marketing or headcount.

“I’ve grown tired of watching my dealer-clients waste thousands on worthless conferences and expensive virtual training that never actually helps them move the needle,” explained Stauning. “In fact, because dealers often rely so heavily on these outside influences to train their teams that they find themselves treading water instead of growing market share. Top dealers don’t waste money on training – they get the most out of every training opportunity presented, and then reinforce it at the store level.”

Stauning has defined his brand with an honest, straightforward style of training, coaching and consulting, that frankly isn’t a fit for every organization. Businesses looking for someone to sell them the latest magic beans or shiny objects need not seek out his services or attend these sessions. Like Stauning, Undeniable Advantage is the real deal and intended only for those looking for practical solutions they can implement today that will undeniably drive their organizations ahead of the competition.

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