Go Forward Basis

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Go Forward Basis

Not only is go forward basis annoying, it’s confusing.

When we hear it, we can only imagine the speaker meant to say something else and go forward basis just fell out of his mouth on its own. Is he okay? Did he not get enough sleep last night? Did he just suffer a mini stroke?

If you’ve never heard go forward basis, consider yourself lucky. Once you do, you cannot unhear it. What’s worse is any manager who utters go forward basis just once will find a way to use it again and again… forever.

Go forward basis is annoying on many levels, though the basest of which is that it most often simply means the same as “moving forward,” “from now on,” and “beginning today.”

Of course, this begs the question: Why not just say “from now on?”

Because, of course, the egomaniacal manager using go forward basis is cooler and hipper than us common folk. Most often he’s a he… a Millennial… sporting a ridiculous beard… wearing untucked shirts at work… and drinking a coffee that requires more than two words to order.

He’s a hipster dufus running a business, and you’re stuck with him on a go forward basis. Good luck.

Save your faux outrage if you’re female or elderly or beardless or wearing your shirt tucked in or enjoy your coffee black and you like to say go forward basis, you’re also a hipster dufus.


Replacement phrases: Future; Moving forward; From now on

See also: Currently Now

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