Par for the Course

par for the course annoying business phrase cartoon

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Par for the Course

The only thing that’s par for the course in your workplace is your annoying manager’s consistent and constant overuse of sports metaphors. This one would be annoying enough if it was just used by the weekend golfers at your job. Unfortunately, par for the course slips too easily off the tongues of even those who’ve never swung a club.

The meaning is clear. That is, some person, some department, some customer, or some competitor did exactly what was expected.

Water being wet is par for the course. The sun rising in the east is par for the course. Your manager leaning heavily on ear-bleeding jargon is par for the course.

Certainly, this begs the question: When something occurs as expected, is it worth mentioning?


Though, if it is worth mentioning, shouldn’t we hear more than just a dismissive, “Well, that’s par for the course?”

If only.

Replacement phrases: Expected

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