How Do I Count My Till?

Free Online Till Tracker


If you want to get right to the counting, click for the free online till calculator

You have finally found it. The easiest, most efficient way to count your Tills is finally here; AND IT’S FREE! This calculator can do it all: no more adding each bills’ value and no more forgetting how much you counted. You can even get the report sent to your manager to file in case of discrepancies.

Solutions with this free online till/register calculator:

  • Actual Total In Till
  • How much money you’re off by
  • The exact amount of each denomination that is needed to make the Till even
  • The exact amount of each denomination that needs to be taken out of the Safe and of the Till
  • Total amount put into the Safe
  • And many more!

Prevent Stealing

If your Till is off, this calculator will tell you exactly how much is missing. Making it that much easier to go back into your POS and figure out what went wrong. It will also let you know the right amount that should be taken out of your safe: giving you the checks and balances you need to keep the store honest.

Better Tracking

With the “Send Report” option at the end of the calculator, you can send every nights’ counting to your manager. In which they can save the report and file it for future reference. Especially if there are any discrepancies, your manager can see the full rundown immediately.

No more User Error

This calculator does the math for you! All you have to do is the number of bills in each denomination, and then it will do the rest. Sometimes it can be confusing or time consuming to add bill values, but now it’s effortless.

Quicker Counting

Speed is key when closing your store. It is already a time-consuming process, so let’s save some! By counting just the number of bills and not the total amount of money, the math is way easier, making things super fast.

No more Wasted Paper

If you are currently using a paper tracker to “Show Your Work” as you count the tills, stop now! Everyday a sheet is wasted on something that is easier and better to do electronically.

Free Online Till Tracker

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