Leadership Development – Blogwatch September 12, 2008


Leadership Development – Best Leadership Blogs for the Week of September 12, 2008

Great week for the leadership writers. The editors of AskTheManager were able to find some terrific posts and articles from some of the best leadership development blogs.

Could all this leadership development activity have anything to do with the nomination of the relatively unknown Sarah Palin? We know our posts were influenced by election and the newest VP nominee… Enjoy!

What Kind of Leader Are You?
In our leadership development work, we quite often meet leaders who resist ‘hands-on’ management of their people, yet complain that they don’t know why people don’t take initiative in their jobs. Why Does This Happen?

Leadership Development And Jumping Out of Airships
Leadership Development function in many a corporation has often been viewed as a sideline when compared to such functions as sales and marketing. Yet Leadership Development can and should be seen as integral to a company’s bottom and

Obama, McCain, Biden or Palin – Who’s the Best Leader?
Which Presidential or Vice Presidential Hopeful Would Make the Best Leader? Over the past several days, the editors of AskTheManager.com released their leadership ratings and rankings of all forty-two US Presidents from Washington to

Ratings & Rankings of the Presidents of the United States
How do US Presidents Rank as Business Leaders? (Part Three of Three) (This is the third article in a three-series post. Please see the first and second articles in this series by following this link for our notes associated with each

How to Design an Executive Coaching Program
Finding high quality coaches is an ongoing challenge for the human resources and leadership development professional. Look for full service coaching vendors, coach referral networks, recommendations from other companies,

Leadership Development in San Francisco Bay Area: the Avista
For many company leaders, finding time to reflect on their leadership concurrently with running a company is a huge challenge. Companies’ ability to take their business to the next level is highly correlated with the company’s

Devote to Leadership Development or Die Slowly…
A teacher of mine said something that I think pertains to leadership development as well as to other areas of life. He said that it is with us humans as it is with world of plants. There is no status quo. Either things are growing or

Leadership Skills Training and Development
Leadership Development Training Schedule. MODULE 1 – Building a Foundation for Leadership. • Identifying characteristics, qualities, attributes of proven leaders • Establishing the company culture you want

How to Measure the Impact of “Soft Skills”
Ask those high level executives that are responding to surveys saying they are or aren’t satisfied with their company’s leadership development efforts. After all, at the end of the day, that’s what really matters…

Developing The Leader Within!
Most of the times whenever I have interacted with the CEOs or the Head of HRs of various organizations on “leadership development” issues, the concerns have always been around getting the leaders to “let go” of their previous work ways

Should leaders lead leadership development programmes?
I recently had and email exchange with a colleague of mine about the role of leaders as both students and teachers in in-company leadership development initiatives. Our debate was whether is was better to develop a pool of leadership