Bloomberg The Emperor Always Gets His Way


Bloomberg The Emperor

We wrote a few weeks ago about the seemingly unbelievable possibility that New York Mayor Michael “Nero” Bloomberg would seek to have the City Council overturn New York’s term limits law – opening the door for Bloomberg The Emperor to serve a third term. (To read that post, follow this link.)

As crazy as it sounded then, it seems even crazier now that Bloomberg has convinced the City Council to unilaterally overturn what the voters put in place. Bloomberg, it seems, feels he is the only person capable of lifting the World from the current economic crisis.

The unabashed gall and narcissistic, ego maniacal attitude that even puts this kind of thought in someone’s head astounds us. The fact that the City Council was allowed to make this decision (because it also benefits them) seems criminal.

The vote was 29 in favor and 22 against. We think it’s time for New Yorkers to start using their heads at the polls. Clearly, they should vote out the Bloomberg 29 and, of course, The Emperor himself.

The Definition of Insanity

The funniest thing about this mess (if any of it can be considered funny) is that the Bloomberg 29 and The Emperor truly believe that New Yorkers need “consistent leadership” during these tough economic times.

Hah! While we doubt the Mayor of New York and his Council could have more than a miniscule effect on the economy, it’s hilarious to us that they believe they can. This begs the question: If the Mayor and City Council can positively impact the economy, then why did they let us get into this situation in the first place?

The last thing America needs right now is “consistent leadership.” Bloomberg’s been in office for over 6 years, the average tenure in the US House of Representatives is over 9 years and the average US Senator has served more than 11 years.

Sounds to us like “consistent leadership” is what got us into this mess.

The voters spoke years ago when they created the term limit law, and Emperor Bloomberg just turned his thumb down.

89% of New Yorkers polled this month said that if the Mayor wanted to extend the term limits, he should take the issue to the polls and let the voters decide again. The Mayor, it seems, doesn’t think the voters know what’s good for them. We’re just hopeful they wake up and throw the bums out.