– Great Free Site Offering Instant Criminal Background Checks and Much, Much More

Great Recruiting and Hiring Tool – and it’s Free!

It’s not often we are swayed by someone’s idea of the latest, coolest website on the Internet, but we discovered a website recently that absolutely could cut time and dollars off the way managers and companies recruit and hire new employees today.

Typically, companies must spend between $25 and $500 to have third parties run criminal background checks on their potential new hires. The process is time consuming and doesn’t always fit with many managers’ go-go-go style of hiring. Because of the cost and the delay, most small companies forgo this important step.

A website still in beta,, solves this issue and many, many more. Best of all, the site is free (at least for now). On you can enter anyone’s name (even just a last name) and retrieve their criminal records – including arrests and (in some states) traffic violations. The results appear in milliseconds, and can save you and your staff hours of work and hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually in third party fees.

Besides being a great tool for hiring managers and the HR types, the site is actually a lot fun. We spent the afternoon entering the names of our high school and college classmates only to discover four felons, ten DUIs and one indecent exposure of a demure cheerleader (I guess you never really know about people).

To visit the homepage and make a quick search, follow this link.

Beware of Geeks Baring Gifts?

While goofing around with this great website, I couldn’t help but hear my father’s words “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

“Dad,” I thought, “in this case, you’re wrong.” Don’t be afraid of using just because it’s free; there really are no strings attached (yet), and it is a truly useful tool for managers and businesses of all sizes in the US.

From a personal perspective, the site is not only fun when you grab your yearbook and seek out the criminals from your graduating class, it’s also helpful for identifying criminals who might reside in your neighborhood.

Using the site’s “Neighborhood Watch” section you will quickly discover all of your neighbors’ level of past criminal activity. Unlike many government sites that merely list sex offenders in your area, this site will show, by address, who has been accused of what crime down to some very petty offenses.

Especially important, we thought, for parents who don’t like their kids playing at homes where the father has four drug convictions (not really the role model we’re looking for, if you know what we mean).