7 Fast Facts from 425 Car Dealer Mystery Shops

At PLADOOGLE, we just published a white paper detailing our extensive mystery shop study that looked at how well dealerships responded to our internet inquiries over the first 30 days. We read and graded every email and listened to and graded every voicemail. Here are Seven Fast Facts from 425 Car Dealer Mystery Shops:

  1. We sent e-leads to 425 car dealers and 406 responded. (Nineteen never did.)
  2. 139 of the 406 responding dealers never tried to call us. (Despite a valid, working number in the lead.)
  3. 96 of the 406 dealers made only one call. (Over the entire 30 days of the study.)
  4. 85 of the 406 dealers made at least five call attempts. (Encouraging.)
  5. One dealer made 14 call attempts. (The most.)
  6. 64 of the 406 dealers sent us one or fewer emails. (Strangely, three dealers – who left at least one voicemail – sent zero emails.)
  7. One dealer sent 26 emails in 30 days. (The most and pretty much the worst.)

To see the full results of our Mystery Shop Study, please download our free white paper at Car Dealer Mystery Shops.