Messenger: Not Just For Facebook Anymore!


For car dealers interested in connecting with potential buyers, Facebook Messenger has a clear advantage over every other form of communication: When a prospect connects with you or asks you a question via Messenger, you can immediately gather all of the public information they’ve included in their Facebook profile. 

For all Facebook users, this means you’ll know their name, gender, username, user ID, profile picture, cover photo and networks. For some, it could even mean you’ll know their email address, phone number, city, state, place of employment, and friends list.

Immediately. Without having to ask them. Just because they initiated a conversation via Messenger. Compare this to other forms of customer communications:

  • Phone Call. If they’re calling from their home phone, your call management company will likely be able to do a reverse look up and get you the name on the account and the address (and phone number, of course). If they’re calling from their work or their mobile device, you’ll need to ask for anything more than their number.
  • You get their phone number and whatever they are willing to volunteer.
  • Online Chat. You get their IP Address and, again, whatever they decide to volunteer.
  • Form Lead. You get only what they give you on the form (which could be a throw away email address and a fake phone number).

But, We Don’t Have Facebook Messenger!

Yes, you do. If you have a Facebook page, you have Messenger.

Of course, if you’re like most dealers, you receive very few Messenger requests. This is too bad, given that between consumers and businesses, more than 2 billion messages are sent every month via Messenger. Messenger continues to grow exponentially and it’s time for every dealership to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Messenger on Facebook Ads

For those of you marketing on Facebook – which, I am hopeful, is every dealer in America – you need to ensure your ads prominently feature the ability for consumers to query you directly through Messenger. This will ensure you create interactions that lead to car sales and capture all that great public information in the process.

Messenger on Your Dealer Website

I know you already have online chat (at least I’m hopeful have chat on your site), though adding Messenger makes a ton of sense for all of the reasons already discussed. It’s actually simple to add Messenger directly to your website; and a great chatbot provider can help you do this as part of the services they offer.

With Messenger on all your websites, you’ll be able to invite those logged into Facebook to converse with you in a manner and medium they prefer.

Add Chatbots

Chatbots are inexpensive and a must for anyone planning to genuinely leverage Messenger to drive customer interactions that result in sales. The key is: with the right chatbot partner, your team can remain focused on selling cars, while your chatbots manage nearly all of the prospect communication 24/7/365.

Chatbots can do almost anything a live operator can do, including answer questions and, more importantly, even set appointments.

Messenger is a Must!

Using Messenger everywhere you can and adding a great chatbot partner can give you a competitive advantage, while giving your customers the convenience and quick communications they’re looking for when researching their next vehicle purchase.

Good selling!