The Secrets to Growing Your Website’s Leads, Calls & Sales: Location Drives Conversion Percentage


(Yes, I could’ve come up with a catchier title for this post, but this series is so damn long already, that I really felt being descriptive was the best way to get my point across on this one.)

Do you want more leads and calls from your existing website traffic? Then ensure that you place your requests for these conversions in locations where your website visitors will actually find them! You see, location drives conversion percentage.

Homepage Considerations

The page with the most traffic on virtually every dealer’s website is the homepage; so it makes sense that we start there when looking for the best locations for conversion opportunities.

First, make certain your phone number is clearly displayed at the top of the page – and that this is true of the mobile version of your site, as well. (Of course, your mobile site needs only a phone icon with “Call” or “Call Us” as the call-to-action.

Next, you’ll want to ensure you’re clearly offering texting opportunities on the homepage of all your websites, as well. A simple “Text Us” linked properly is the only call-to-action necessary here. (Obviously, you’ll want these same phone and text calls-to-action to appear on every page of your websites.)

Finally, you’ll want to ensure there is a homepage lead form above the fold on your desktop website and a buttons with links to lead forms on your mobile site discoverable without too much scrolling. (Traditional form completion isn’t as common on mobile websites as it is on desktop sites, though you’ll still want to offer this as a conversion opportunity for your visitors.)

The Navigation Menu

As we learned in an earlier post in this series, 95% of a dealer’s homepage clicks occur in the navigation menu (sometimes called the navigation dropdowns). Knowing this, it’s important to ensure you have plenty of calls-to-action in every menu item on your website germane to that menu item, of course. For example:

  • Value Your Trade, Get Pre-Approved, Schedule a Test Drive and Get a Quick Quote are all appropriate calls-to-action for your inventory menus.
  • Order Parts, Schedule Service and Get a Repair Estimate are all appropriate calls-to-action for your fixed operations menus.

Inventory Pages

It’s a no-brainer, of course, that all pages with inventory (i.e., your specials pages, search results pages and vehicle details pages) need to contain proper calls-to-action that generate conversions. Re-read those last three words a couple of times to make sure that part sinks in: “that generate conversions.”

Too often I see beautiful specials pages or vehicle details pages that get lots of traffic but generate few conversions. Your website has just two goals, and by the time they find themselves looking at vehicles, your website’s job is to compel them call, text, chat, complete a form or rush on down and buy. If these pages cannot generate a few eLeads, chances are they’re not accomplishing the other conversion objectives either.

Certainly, how you get them to convert once they’re on these pages requires that you present the right number and type of conversion opportunities to the visitor. We’ll tackle these and more in our next post: The Basic Rules of Website Conversion

(If you’re catching this series for the first time, you may want to begin with the first post in the series: Before You Change Even One Word on Your Website…)

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