The Best Gift for High School and College Students


The Best Gift for High School and College Students

Got a millennial (or younger) in your life you care about? Worried they might graduate equipped for nothing more

than a lifetime of narcissism and entitlement? Think it’s time for them to learn how to put on their big boy or big girl pants and earn a living?

Unfortunately, schools today don’t teach kids and young adults that life is simply not fair; and, moreover, that life is full of shit sandwiches.

It’s time they learned to eat a shit sandwich!

I Love This Book!

This is the absolute best book for lazy people, millennials and even high school kids who need to learn a quick and easy lesson about life. I know, because I wrote it.

Sh*t Sandwich contains 83 separate quick and practical success lessons – each accompanied by a cartoon – making it both fun and simple to read and reread. For the millennial in your life, Sh*t Sandwich helps cut through the distractions of gaming, smartphones and video streaming to help them learn life’s most important lesson – that is, it’s not fair and never will be – before they grow to become lifelong, professional victims.

This book should be a required read for everyone in high school!

Don’t take my word for it; check out this verified Amazon review:

“This book should be a required read for everyone in high school. Best everyone knows what it takes to succeed as early as possible. … Very insightful, all true, and simple to follow … I really like how the author keeps the chapters short and to the point … I highly recommend Sh*t Sandwich to anyone willing and able to take these ideas and apply them…”

Even stuffy old people will enjoy Sh*t Sandwich!

Whether you’re looking for the best millennial stocking stuffer or just a great gift for high school and college students, consider Sh*t Sandwich – it just might be the difference between a lifetime of happiness and a lifetime of victimhood!

Sh*t Sandwich: Quick & Practical Success Lessons for Practically Anyone is available in paperback from Amazon and for Kindle (read free with Kindle Unlimited).