The Best Gift for College Students

The Best Gift for College Students

Looking for the very best gift for that college student on your list? Want to make sure that your gift will be appreciated? Would you like to know that your gift made a difference?

Today’s college student doesn’t need more electronics!

Today’s college student doesn’t need another gift card!

Today’s college student doesn’t need more clothes! (Heck, they never wear what you pick out for them anyway, do they?) 

And, while today’s college student would always like to receive cash from you this year; sending them a few dollars won’t change their life and they’ll never remember the gift anyway.

Today’s college student needs something that will help them navigate the real world – the world they will face once they’ve moved on from the “safe spaces” provided by colleges and universities.

Today’s college student needs something that will snap them out of that “the world owes me a living” dream they’ve been living since before they were even in high school.

Today’s college student needs a book! Of course, not just any book; they need Sh*t Sandwich: Quick & Practical Success Lessons for Practically Anyone.

The Best Gift for College Students is a Book?

Not just a book… a book with pictures. Cartoons, actually – 83 cartoons that teach a life lesson. Plus, each cartoon accompanies a quick and practical success tip that will help your college student succeed in college, in their work and in their relationships.

It’s a book they will read! Plus, it’s a book that could change their life!

Life is not always fair; but, as your college student will learn from this great gift you’ve given to them, anyone can succeed in anything they desire… provided they’re willing to help themselves.

Help your college student (or any young person in your life) create a better future for themselves. Help them learn how to live a better life by enjoying their job and working positively on their relationships.

Order Sh*t Sandwich today and learn why some have called it the best book for college students (and why many think it should be required reading for every high school graduate)!

Your college student will never forget it was you who cared enough to buy them their first Sh*t Sandwich!