Pull Out Your Moneymakers


Pull Out Your Moneymakers

So much of success in sales is tied to activity, that I find it odd when I hear salespeople complaining about their lack of opportunities all while their heads are buried in their smartphones. There is no secret formula for selling; it’s pretty simple, in fact: those that are the most successful are the ones generating the most sales-focused activity.

In other words: you must do something to sell something!

Pick up the phone and call that lead from yesterday. Send a letter or card to a prior customer on their birthday. Give your business card to the cashier at Burger King and let her know you pay $100 for every referral that buys from you. Walk into the service waiting area and greet your prior customers. Grab your smartphone and start a live broadcast on Facebook showing a cool trade you took in yesterday.

In other words: do something! Anything.

If you’re one of those who can’t seem to get their month going until the 15th or later, I suspect you’re spending most of your time waiting on the Up Bus with a crowd of other 8-car/month salespeople and/or you have your head buried in your phone.

Instead wasting your time (and your life) with activities that make you no money, I recommend you start focusing on those actions that drive sales; the activities that can make you money.

Not surprisingly, these activities are called your moneymakers; and the best way I’ve found to stay focused on those actions that drive sales is to simply “pull out your moneymakers” whenever you find yourself without an Up.

Pull Out My What?

If sitting in front of a prospect is how you make your living – like, for example, in car sales – then your goal should be to always be in front of a prospect. This means, when you’re not in front of a potential buyer your only actions should be to be geared toward getting a butt into that seat in front of you.

As already shared, the activities that drive that butt into that seat are called your moneymakers; and whenever you find yourself just standing around with your hands in your pockets, you need to pull out your moneymakers.

This means taking a quick test:

  • Am I in front of a prospect?
    1. Yes? Great, close the deal.
    2. No? Then pull out your list of moneymakers and choose one of the activities to do next.

Now do it.

What Are My Moneymakers?

As we already learned, your moneymakers are those activities that drive a butt into that seat in front of you. Once you understand this, all you need to do is write down these activities – preferably in a logical order – and keep this list with you at all times. (I recommend laminating a credit card size version of your list and putting it in your wallet.)

If I was selling cars today, I think something close to this list would accurately represent my moneymakers:

  • Prepping for an Appointment
  • Making Calls
  • Networking
  • Posting a Facebook Live Event
  • Sending a Letter/Card
Some sample Moneymakers for you to print and cut out.

So, if I wasn’t in front of a prospect, I could keep jawing with the 8-car folks (and go home broke) or I could choose any activity from this list to fill my next 15-30 minutes. Doing the latter, of course, will bring me closer to my next sale.

I Can Choose Any Activity?

Yes. The great thing about pulling out a “My Moneymakers” list is that you get to choose which activity you feel like doing. If you don’t feel like making calls, then don’t; post a live video to Facebook instead. It’s your choice.

The key, of course, is to do something… anything that takes you closer to your goal of getting in front of a prospect.

Now, create a “My Moneymakers” list or print and cut out the one we have here, and stop doing nothing with the 8-car crowd and pull out your moneymakers any time you’re facing a little boredom.

Good selling!

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