Want More Real Test Drive Appointments?

Want More Real Test Drive Appointments?

Finally, Someone Brought Some Technology to the Table!

I’ve written many articles and produced more than a few videos showing car dealers how they can set more sales appointments that show and buy. From creating an Appointment Culture to detailing the four steps of The Perfect Appointment, everything I’ve suggested so far relies heavily on the dealer’s team to follow a strict process and do all the heavy lifting themselves.

Of course, what most dealers really need is a way for consumers to create real test drive appointments online. Appointments that will result in a prospect who shows up on time. You know, like virtually every dealer can do today with service appointments.

But We Already Added a “Schedule Test Drive” Button!

Many dealers added a Schedule Test Drive button to their websites only to find that their on-time show rates for these “appointments” hovers below 50%. Why so low? Two primary reasons: First, the form that is produced when someone clicks to schedule a test drive often contains no appointment-related fields. That is, the form asks for name, email and phone; but never tries to pin the prospect down on a firm date and time (the chief requirement, if you will, of a real appointment).

Second, the completed form creates no mental commitment in the prospect’s mind to keep the appointment. Unless your team is willing to appropriately confirm each of these scheduled test drives using the proper verbiage (like The Recap), you can expect to continue to see sub-par show rates.

Creating Mental Commitment

To achieve the 80% show rates dealers enjoy when they fully implement The Perfect Appointment, the prospect must feel like they’ve set a real appointment; that the appointment is important enough to keep; and that they should arrive on time.

In other words, they’ve made a mental commitment to show up. (Without the mental commitment, you get lots of “no shows;” with the mental commitment, you get a few that reschedule, but rarely a complete “no show.”)

This is where technology has always failed dealers… until now.

A good friend of mine, Jason Putnam, recently launched a very cool website add-on that helps dealers set real appointments that show. It does this by creating the mental commitment missing on virtually every dealer’s site today.

Enter VIPdrv

Let me start by clearly stating I have absolutely zero financial interest in VIPdrv or any of Jason’s businesses. Moreover, if his product stunk, I would never write about it.

(Of course, given the slime we sometimes see pitching products, I can understand your skepticism.)

VIPdrv seamlessly integrates with your website to allow your visitors to quickly and easily schedule a real test drive that they’ll actually show up for. Basically, VIPdrv:

  1. Entices the prospect to schedule a demo drive in advance
  2. Allows them to choose the date and time that works best
  3. Encourages them to select a specific salesperson or product specialist (if they want)
  4. Invites them to pick a beverage they’d like to have ready when they arrive
  5. Asks them to select the type of route they want to take during their drive

These five steps are easy to complete, and they create the kind of mental commitment you need to ensure a high show rate.

Where does the mental commitment come from?

By stepping through the form, the prospect understands that they’ve tied up a salesperson’s time, chosen the actual route and even selected a beverage they want waiting for them! They understand that your team will be preparing for the appointment; and because they visualize the salesperson, the route and especially the beverage, they’re going to keep this appointment. Moreover, they’ll arrive on time!

The best part for your dealership is that you don’t have to pay anyone to manage this lead. Just have someone make a quick confirmation call and then be sure to have everything ready when they arrive.

Good selling!