Everyone is Replaceable; Especially You

For Many, This is a Hard Shit Sandwich to Swallow

(One of the 83 quick and practical life & work lessons from Sh*t Sandwich: Quick & Practical Success Lessons for Practically Anyone.)

Everyone is Replaceable; Especially You

Everyone is Replaceable; Especially You

Let me repeat the title of this lesson in case you missed it: everyone is replaceable; especially you. In fact, let me say that a little louder for the hard of hearing among you: EVERYONE IS REPLACEABLE; ESPECIALLY YOU!

I have never worked anywhere that the loss of a true superstar hurt more than a week. They don’t mean that much to your business. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at some famous replacements from highly-rated television shows that never missed a beat when the following characters were replaced:

The first Darrin Stephens (Bewitched); Jill Monroe (Charlie’s Angels); Diane Chambers (Cheers); Detective John Kelly (NYPD Blue); Deputy Mayor Mike Flaherty (Spin City); Assistant District Attorney Ben Stone (Law & Order); the first Meg Griffin (Family Guy); Charlie Harper (Two and a Half Men); Ziva David (NCIS).

I know these are Hollywood examples and not the real world, but just like Bewitched, Charlie’s Angels, Cheers, NYPD Blue, and Law and Order; your company is comprised of an ensemble cast. And, while you might think you’re the irreplaceable superstar, you will only be missed for about a week…. tops.

Knowing this, you can either approach your job as if you need it more than the company needs you (and deliver your best every single day), or you can live the life of a Prima Donna until you convince yourself that you’re too good for this place.

Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, pumpkin.

Oh, you want to stay and grow? Outstanding! Then work to make yourself irreplaceable in the eyes of others (without believing your own press).

Anticipate needs, suggest (don’t argue), ask questions, and contribute; but do all of this with a positive attitude each and every day, and people will begin to think you are indeed irreplaceable.

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