Shit Sandwiches Determine Your Future

You Reap What You Eat

(One of the 83 quick and practical life & work lessons from Sh*t Sandwich: Quick & Practical Success Lessons for Practically Anyone.)

Shit Sandwiches Determine Your FutureShit Sandwiches Determine Your Future

A better title for this chapter might have been The World is What You Make of It, though I think that’s too simplistic.

It’s all about expectations…

If you expect to be rich, you have a shot. If you expect to be poor, it’s all but guaranteed.

It’s not only the shit sandwiches you eat at work or in your personal life that determine your future – those will certainly help you become more successful and a better husband / wife / father / mother / gender-neutral significant other – because shit sandwiches don’t just stop there.

Eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep, and exercising are all forms of shit sandwich consumption for nearly every one of us.

Who wouldn’t rather eat a piece of cake instead of a stalk of celery? Party all night with friends rather than hitting the rack before nine o’clock? Binge watch Blue Bloods on Netflix versus heading to the gym? (Freaks of nature, that’s who.)

Unless or until you become a true freak of nature – one who genuinely enjoys noshing on her gluten-free organic vegan burger after a restful eight hours of sleep before heading to her first of two Taijitsu-Aerobinomics classes today  – eating the right things and doing the right things often require more intestinal fortitude than sucking it up at work or being the bigger person in a relationship.

Eating these shit sandwiches now, while you’re young, makes an enormously positive difference in your life today and tomorrow. If you’d rather not be a couch potato at 55; a wheezing diabetic at 65; or a bedridden burden at 75; then you need to start right now.

When you’re finished with this book, pick up and devour the nearest shit sandwich you can find. Then repeat. Everyday. For the rest of your long, healthy, and happy life.

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