The Golden Rule

With an Update…

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The Golden RuleThe Golden Rule

Sorry Mom, the Golden Rule; “Treat everyone as you wish to be treated;” needs a bit of an update.

On the surface, this advice seems sound… if we were all the same. We are not; and we are especially different in our workplaces.

Most high achievers in the business world are high energy, low emotion and (especially) low touch people. They are often extremely self-reliant; and when they do utilize a team, they naturally grab the lead position immediately.

If high achievers treated their team members like they wanted to be treated, they would let everyone fend for themselves.

High achievers – sometimes called self-starters – are coveted by hiring managers, often because they can operate and even succeed with little or no nurturing. Of course, the opposite is likely true for most of their coworkers. While they might be productive, they are simply not wired like most high achievers.

Some of them, in fact, need the love and attention and constant watering that you would provide to a temperamental fern. Applying the Golden Rule, and treating them like you wish to be treated, ensures they either quit or they cease being productive.

If your goals include your success and the desire to help others succeed, you cannot and should not treat others as you wish to be treated; you should treat everyone as they wish to be treated.

How can you tell how someone else wishes to be treated? On the surface, you cannot. However, the process for discovering this is simple. You start by showing everyone constant respect, genuine kindness, and honest empathy.

Wait! Then what?

Then nothing. No one will object to this level of treatment – even the high achievers.

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