The Best Office Gift for Your Annoying Boss or Coworker

tee it up - annoying business jargon

What’s the Best Gift for Your Annoying Boss or Coworker in 2020?

To put mildly, 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. For those who worked in offices prior to March and are now working remotely, you’ve surely been able to overcome the technology and nuisance challenges of Zoom meetings by now.

You’ve become an expert at logging in to all varieties of video conferences, your laptop is at the right height, and your internet bandwidth is sufficient to keep you connected throughout even the longest, most annoying meetings.

More importantly, you’ve either found a quiet place in your home to experience these meetings, or you’ve adequately trained your children and/or your pets to silence their whining, fighting, or barking.

Congratulations! You’ve conquered some of the most important work from home challenges we all face.

Some of the challenges… not all of the challenges.

The Worst Part of Video Conferencing

While listening to annoying office jargon was bad when you were physically in the office, somehow video conferencing and video meetings have multiplied the use of these words and phrases along with the annoyance factor.

For some of us, the growth of annoying office jargon has been exponential! A veritable explosion of annoyance!

  • “Let’s not reinvent the wheel here.”
  • “It’s time to think outside the box.”
  • “We can hammer this out.”
  • “I need everyone to give 110% on this.”
  • “Can you waterfall this to accounting so they can unpack it?”


The Best Office Gift for 2020

The answer to the overuse of annoying business jargon is also considered one of the best office gifts you can give in 2020. Released in the middle of the pandemic, The 30,000-Pound Gorilla in the Room is a hilarious dissection of the 212 most annoying business words and phrases you’ve ever heard.

Each annoying phrase (like “Elephant in the Room” or “Low-Hanging Fruit”) is introduced with an explanation of what makes it so irritating, the users of the term are often ridiculed, and replacement phrases are offered. Additionally, a cartoon accompanies each ear-bleeding saying.

low-hanging fruit - annoying business sayings

Buy this 400+ page book for yourself – to maintain your own sanity in meetings, both physical and virtual.

Buy it for your annoying boss.

Buy it for your annoying coworker.

Buy it for your spouse – especially if he or she is a chronic abuser of annoying business jargon.

I promise you’ll agree: This is the best office gift you can give in 2020.

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