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As annoying as it is to the rest of us when you say net-net, why stop there? If net is not enough to describe the bottom line, what makes net-net the true bottom line?

That’s precisely what a few of our colleagues over the years must’ve thought when they occasionally volunteered the unicorn of annoying biz jargon, net-net-net.

So, why do you say net-net? You say it, because net-net reveals your self-importance. It tells the rest of us you’re a douche. Strike that. It tells the rest of us you’re an annoying douche.

While there are bona fide uses for net-net in some tiny corners of the business world, there are likely none in yours. Stop saying it.

If you’re describing the result of one thing minus or plus another, that’s the net. Adding an extra net doesn’t make your result any more final.

Final is final, right? Would you say final-final? Would you say end-end? Would you say climax-climax? If you would, we’d say stop-stop.

Replacement phrases: Net; Bottom line

See also: Currently Now; Total-Total

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