Leadership Development – Blogwatch July 1, 2008

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The Steps Of Leadership Development
By Luvi Marie
These are all questions that are likely to run through your mind when you first become a leader but if you learn the steps of leadership development and you learn to recognize them, you are sure to succeed.
Personal Improvement – http://www.personalimprovementguide.com

CIOs and the challenge of organisational leadership development
New research reveals the gulf between vision and capability to deliver 30th June 2008, London, UK – CIOs have a clear vision for their IS organisation but lack confidence in the ability of their department to deliver the plans,

Deloitte Plans $300M Facility Outside Dallas
By Thomas Dworetzky
The facility will serve as a central destination for everyone from new hires to Deloitte senior leadership, to convene for learning and leadership development. The 750000-square-foot campus will have 800 guest rooms.
cpn – http://cpnmhn.typepad.com/cpn/

Learning Culture
By hrcases
Some programs used are leadership development programs, end-to-end sales training programs, as well as corporate-wide quality and process-improvement programs.These solutions are mostly integrated with career development models and
Hrcases’s – http://hrcases.wordpress.com

Skill Assessment: Doers, Throughers and Spewers
By Rhett Laubach(Rhett Laubach)
Doers, keep at it. You help more than you hurt. Throughers, find a place to help out. You are needed somewhere. Spewers, there is a better way. Find it. Good luck. Please visit www.yournextspeaker.com for more leadership development.
Personal Leadership Insight – http://pliblog.yournextspeaker.com/pliblog.html