Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 11, 2008

TheManager scoured the blogosphere to bring you these great and not so great posts and articles covering leadership development and management training from the past weekend:

Six Disciplines CEO and New York Times Best-Selling Author, Gary
continues to be a leading force in the state’s technology industry, and we’re excited to contribute to North Carolina’s leadership development.

1001 Free Cover Letter Examples for Consultants at Cover-Letters.com
PR Web (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA
The author, William S. Frank, is President/CEO of CareerLab®, a career strategy and leadership development firm based in Denver, Colorado USA.

Leadership Development is Essential For Our Communities
What is a community? A community is a group of individuals linked together by underlying similarities such as culture, race, geographic location, economic status, age grouping, sexual orientation, and gender. These similarities unify a

Manager Effectiveness: How Managers “Repair Problems”
admin for The Sage Commander: Monster Productivity Management Training – for Managers, Supervisors and Executives, 2008.

‘Leadership is Dead,’ As Frantic Firefighting, Collapsing Support
These questions together with practical solutions to the challenges faced by today’s executives are included in a new leadership development report,

U.Va. Offers New Leadership Program
The Leadership Development Center at the University of Virginia is pleased to announce the offering of the upcoming leadership program

Choose Your Boss – Results
Earlier in the week I posted a “Choose Your Boss” blog – here. If you remember I wondered “if entertainers, politicians, musicians, actors / actresses, professional athletes, and celebrities would make great business leaders.”

Leading Online – The Future of Virtual Leadership Development
I personally see on-line gaming environments as the evolution of virtual leadership development in the way that my outdoor experiential activities are transforming leaders in the real world. As the director of the Challenge Learning

How Do We Know What We Know?
I found the session very fascinating because there were so many different disciplines brought up that study theory application and utilization – psychodynamic approach, leadership development, action learning, action research,