Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 23, 2008

The Leadership Development blogs were in full swing this week and the editors of AskTheManager.com found some decent posts and articles – of course, the absence of true leadership development advice online was the reason we created AskTheManager.com. For what it’s worth, enjoy:

Leadership Development: Effective and Easy Performance Reviews
By rss@vidilife.com (stjjttf)
www.leadershipmadesimple.com/journal: This video discusses praising work before giving suggestions for improvement.
vidiLife :: Top 20 New Videos – http://www.vidilife.com

The Best of AskTheManager.com (June-August 2008)
By TheManager
The Best From AskTheManager.com Based on page traffic, the readers of AskTheManager.com anointed the following posts as the Best Leadership Development and Management Training resources on AskTheManager.com. Of course, the editors of
AskTheManager.com » Leadership… – http://askthemanager.com/

Good News vs. Bad News
By Epic Living
Do managers have a problem with hearing bad news? I know you’re chuckling right now. But they really should welcome bad news with open arms. Bad news can do the following if we let it:. Sober us up and give us a sense of reality – We
Epic Living – Leadership Development… – http://epicliving.blogs.com/epic_living/

Leadership Succession Plans
By Randy Goruk
Does your company have a formalized leadership succession plan ? If you don’t – you should give some serious consideration to putting one together. The primary reasons you should formalize a succession plan for your key leadership
Executive and Leadership Development – http://randygoruk.wordpress.com

Interpersonal skills and leadership development
By Wally Bock
TRACOM has just released a study on improving interpersonal skills in leadership development. Social styles training offers new leaders a simple framework to help improve those skills.
Three Star Leadership Blog – http://blog.threestarleadership.com

Leadership Development: Power of Focus
By plkdi965
www.leadershipmadesimple.com/journal: In this video, you will learn 3 key elements of the power of focus. You get what you focus on.
Management vs Leadership – http://managementvsleadership.wordpress.com

Leadership Development Self Assessment
By Randy Goruk
Quite often a manager or leader ask me these two questions;. 1. “I wonder how I’m really doing as a leader ?” 2. “How do I get to the next level ?” To answer the first question; I ask clients to do a leadership self assessment
Executive and Leadership Development – http://randygoruk.wordpress.com

A leader for all occasions: EMC’s model for successful leadership
EMC’s leadership development program is a joint enterprise with Teacher’s College Columbia University. The aim is to identify what makes its rising talent inimitable and then make the acquisition of these unique qualities an integral
Development and Learning in Organizat… – http://www.emeraldinsight.com/1477-7282.htm

What’s Up with All of This Leadership Development, Anyway?
By Dan McCarthy(Dan McCarthy)
I found it interesting that talent management, specifically leadership development, was by far the number one topic of interest coming from their member company executives. A lot of the “research” on the growing strategic significance
Great Leadership – http://greatleadershipbydan.blogspot.com/