Leadership Development – Blogwatch August 31, 2008

Leadership Development Blogwatch


The leadership development blogs were running a little slow this week (Labor Day Holiday and all), but the editors of AskTheManager.com were able to dig through the lot and find some gems, including some Christian-based posts with good advice for the secular humanists of the world. Enjoy!

Leadership Development Workshops
By Fabian Toulouse
Some people are born to lead; others need some direction. Executives who have found themselves at the head of a corporation have a significant weighty responsibility on their shoulders. The tasks of a modern executive are seemingly
Advice Online – http://www.advice-4u.info/

Young Managers – How Do They Lead Older Subordinates?
By TheManager
Effect Of Generational Differences On Young Managers How does understanding generational differences affect the success of new managers? More and more managers are (and will be) younger than their team members.
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Subject: Best Practices In Leadership Development – by: Keerthi
Hi all Attached is an E-book on Best Practices In Leadership Development and organization change.

Developing Leaders of Volunteers in a Faith-Based Organization
By Barbara Nixon
Primary Research Question: How do non-paid leaders of volunteers describe their leadership development and training? (or maybe “To what extent is developing effective leaders of volunteers different from developing leaders of paid staff
BBN’s Dissertation Progress – http://capelladissertation.wordpress.com

Where Are Our Future Leaders?
By Don Weyant
Tom Peters, 2005 Organizations are investing heavily in leadership development yet, according to research carried out with CEOs by Cranfield School of Management, finding a successor with an ‘all encompassing spark’ represents their
AchievementRadio.com – http://www.achievementradio.com/achievement_radio/

Duplicating the Leadership of Christ
By kingdomcitizen
Leadership development is as much a part of discipleship as is character development. It is revealing to read Peter’s teaching the leaders within the community of Christ what Jesus taught him. Allow me a liberty to expand word meanings
Kingdom Citizen’s Weblog – http://kingdomcitizen.wordpress.com

Renewal Movements: Five Characteristics
By jay
A rapidly changing environment demanded that new models for leadership development be implemented. The rest is history. 5. Adaptive Methods Unencumbered by tradition, movements feel free to experiment with new forms of the church and
Life and Leadership – http://lifeandleadership.org