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Best Sales Management Blog Posts – Week of August 31, 2008


The editors of AskTheManager scoured the World Wide Web to bring you the Best Sales Management blog posts and article available for the week of August 31, 2008 – slim pickings on a holiday weekend.


Of course, most leadership development and management-related blogs on the web are filled with either immature advice or money-making scams, though most authors who write sales management blogs seem to really know their stuff. These selected posts are filled with useful information and void of the overused tips and tricks found in the time management weblogs (again, the pickings are pretty slim because of the long holiday weekend).

Free Prospecting Whitepaper from Tibor Shanto.
By Brad Trnavsky
Just a short post to announce that one of our members Tibor Shanto just recently released a new whitepaper about prospecting called “Above The Pipe! – Part I: Three Must Haves for Prospecting Success”. I just recently downloaded it,

In the operating room tomorrow, wish me luck!!!
By Michel Chiasson
These are all things that are difficult to find in today’s sales management approach. I am not saying that I am the best salesman there is. I might think it, but I am not saying it. I am saying however, that all along the career of a

Guest Article: “Six Ways to Prove the ROI for Sales Inquiries,” by
By Paul McCord
The Six Ways to Prove the ROI for Sales Inquiries by James Obermayer. Are there more than six ways to prove the ROI for inquiries? Probably, but these basic six ways to prove the ROI will start you off. 1. Salespeople report: The best

Book Review: Words That Work: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What
By Paul McCord
Imagine knowing the words, ideas, and concepts that influence people to buy, to make a choice, to solve a problem, to commit to your solution. Imagine being able to write or say something that immediately strikes a nerve;
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