Yahoo Buzz is the Leadership Tool for Social Bookmarking – Sorry Digg, Yahoo Wins

We Digg the New Buzz

Digg this, Yahoo Buzz is the new Digg. Digg, at was the social bookmarking site to end all social bookmarking sites. Not, not propeller, and not stumbleupon could even come close to the diggity world of

Everything was running smoothly at Digg until Yahoo, which might have the worst top management since Jill Barad ran Mattel, decided that digging wasn’t as cool as buzzing. Now, Yahoo Buzz is the new Digg, and Digg is feeling a lot like Lycos when Google burst onto the scene.

Why will Yahoo Buzz supplant Digg as the newest and coolest social bookmarking site on the Web? It’s simple, really.

Simplicity is the word and simple is Yahoo Buzz. While digging an article can be complicated and full of extra steps, buzzing on Yahoo is a breeze. Truly 90% of the time we tried to Digg something we were inadvertently logged out of and we are required to reenter everything and anything to let the world know what we Digg.

With Yahoo Buzz, we never see the bugs and issues common to Digg. Plus, we are in and out in a couple of steps. We truly Digg Yahoo’s Buzz. Sorry, diggers, but we like what makes sense. We are all about efficiencies and Digg just doesn’t have what Yahoo Buzz delivers.

To see if we’re telling the truth, try Digging and Buzzing this article by clicking on the icons below. We know you’ll agree that Digg is Dead and Yahoo Buzz is the best.

True leadership is about what works – Yahoo Buzz works every time and Digg does not. Nice job, Yahoo.