Sales Management – Blogwatch September 21, 2008


Sales Management – The Best of the Blogs

The Sales Management Blogs have been as busy as the editors of AskTheManager. We’ve been remiss at brining you the very best Sales Management tips and advice, but we’re back with a vengeance.

There is some great advice in this week’s blog posts and articles. We hope you enjoy these masterful Sales Management Advice aimed at helping you increase sales for your entire team. Enjoy!

The Seven Myths of Sales Management
In the post “Better Sales Manager: Obama or McCain” I discussed the role of the sales manager in terms that we’re entirely complimentary. That’s not because I don’t respect sales managers, though. Let’s talk seriously for a moment.

Do You Use Salesgenie? A Couple of Cheaper and Maybe Better
We all know that finding information about prospective prospects is difficult. Certainly we have access to their website, which information is helpful but not complete. Not only do we need more information than we’re likely to find on

Are You Skeptical?
I’m sure you’ve heard of social media. I’m sure you’ve heard what social media can do you for your business. I’m sure you’ve heard that social media is going to change your life. I’m sure you’ve heard that if you’re not involved-if you

Sales management strategies – a purpose to every call
I’m in the process of really ramping up our sales and marketing efforts at Everon, and I’m always on the lookout for great ideas on how to do so most effectively. One of the things that I’ve found in all great sales organizations is

Sales Management
It is “Sales Management” which has the last laugh over every other aspect of the business. Many a time it has been seen that a better quality product or service has given place to an inferior quality product or service only due to

Networking Lessons from Mother Teresa and Machiavelli
Little, sweet, big hearted, concerned only with the poor, the hungry, the homeless. That’s our image of Mother Teresa. And she was that in reality. But she was more-much more. Conniving, heartless, power hungry, goal focused,

Closing the sale – it’s not what you say, but when you say it
So many sales people talk beyond the point where their prospect has already made the decision to buy, and if we do this, we may well end up with the prospect losing interest or deciding to “think it over”.

Sales Management
Importance of sales management is critical for any commercial organization. Expanding business is not possible without increasing sales volumes, and effective sales management goal is to organize sales team work in such a manner that


Why do so many business solution providers struggle to reach their
will keep on bidding if not totally blind then certainly partially so, despite their poor chances of success. They may well be working hard, but are they working smart? Sales Coaching & Sales Management Training to Drive Results.

Mushroom Management RIP
You’ve heard of various sales management styles to avoid right? You know, like Mushroom Management! – These sales managers keep you in the dark and feed you manure every now and then! Well, here at MTD Sales Training we have come up

Looking For THE Silver Bullet in Sales?
Ah, the endless search for the silver bullet, that magic formula that will make sales so easy, so quick, so painless. For many in sales that Don Quixote quest is never-ending. The internet is full of sites that promise that magic …

The Number One Reason Why Prospects Don’t Purchase
Well, in my 25 years in sales and sales management I’ve seen many sales people who are afraid of the word “no”. And there are also some who are afraid of the word “yes”. If you fit in either of these categories, it’s time to get over …