ScreenCrafters Awarded Patent for First Party Leads System

Boutique Technology Firm Secures Important Digital Marketing Rights

Fairhope, AL, March 9, 2011 — ScreenCrafters, a top provider of First Party Leads for automotive dealers and many other industries, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded the veteran, boutique technology firm a patent for their highly successful lead generation and delivery system. The system, sometimes called SiteEncore™ or Last Man Standing, often doubles or even triples the number of sales leads clients generate from their own websites.

The USPTO patent, number 7,904,335 titled “Web Site Lead Generator,” covers virtually all uses of undefeatable pop-ups and pop-unders to generate sales leads or gather consumer information from client websites. ScreenCrafters has been providing this technology to automotive dealers since 2006 and currently drives First Party Leads for nearly 2,000 websites.

Unlike traditional pop-ups, the ScreenCrafters Web Site Lead Generators are designed to create sellable leads where most pop-ups just deliver advertising that has little or nothing to do with the host website. Additionally, ScreenCrafters Web Site Lead Generators are virtually never blocked by traditional pop-up blockers; this often makes them the most effective lead providing vendor for their clients.

“We have used ScreenCrafters lead generation system on our websites for over five years.” Stated Mark Burshears, Technology Director for the O’Brien Auto Group. “ScreenCrafters regularly generates about 40% of all email leads from our website and we consistently close 18% of those leads. Our results have been outstanding.”

In addition to offering their product directly to car dealers and other website owners, ScreenCrafters also licenses their technology to a number of companies to use in creating their own lead-generating systems. Currently, ScreenCrafters is evaluating further licensing opportunities for their newly patented technology, including helping large classified advertising websites drive additional leads, as well as powering daily deal offers that deliver incremental revenue for a number of verticals.

“As you can imagine, since the official announcement that the ScreenCrafters patent would be awarded back in December, many companies have inquired about both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing opportunities of this technology.” Disclosed Steve Stauning, founder of pladoogle, LLC, the company managing the licensing relationships for ScreenCrafters. “It’s great to see ScreenCrafters go from this sort of obscure company built from the ground up by Steve and Cindy Crim to become one of the hottest topics in digital marketing circles.”