Delta Comfort+ is not exactly First Class Lite


Although presented as a sort of a “secondary first class” or a “first class lite,” Delta’s Comfort+ (nee Economy Comfort) is not as much of an upgrade as their marketing would have you believe:

Delta Economy Comfort Plus

Sky Priority® Boarding? Okay, you might get on board quicker; that is, if you’re not already a frequent flier.

Dedicated Bin Space? Well, loading quicker gets you a certain spot up there. Besides, if you’re in Zone 2 or 3, just plan on checking your bag at the gate for free, as the overhead space fills up on nearly every flight nowadays.

Extra Legroom? Sure, about the same as the exit rows and no perceptible difference to the old Economy Comfort (sans +). Do you need to use your laptop on the trip? Well, you need to be in Economy Comfort+ or in an exit row. Don’t need your laptop? Well, then the legroom probably means nothing.

Superior Snacks? Um, I suppose. But, be prepared: for every 3-4 times they offer snacks to the first class cabin, they’ll put a basket of the same in front of you. (Forgive me, but the marketing below makes it sound like these snacks are presented like an all-you-can-eat buffet. I saw these snacks just once on a nearly 5-hour flight.)

Eat Well, Drink Well

Free Drinks? I think they mean “Free Drink” – in singular, not plural. Unlike the first class cabin that gets served multiple times before and during the flight, you get your “free drinks” only when the cart comes by. For most flights, that’s one time. For some flights with turbulence, that means never – I’m not sure that fits the definition of “Eat Well, Drink Well.” Cheers!

Premium Entertainment? Well, they’ve got you there. You do get to enjoy all of the available movies and premium television you wish on your flight without having to pay a few bucks.

So, the bottom line for you the traveler: Is it worth it? I guess that depends on how much you personally value these “upgrades.” As a Diamond Medallion I don’t have to pay extra for this “upgrade;” and having experienced it on a long flight, I doubt I ever would.