Why Free Training?

As some of you may know, I give away 100% of my online video training for free.

I started this because I had more dealers, dealer groups and OEMs asking for my time than I had time to give. Since most managers in automotive (no offense) pay for training that they never bother to implement or reinforce, I decided to just offer up my videos for free to those who would never do anything to actually get better; while those who were committed to improvement would pay me to come in and help their teams.  Help Me

I began this over three years ago and it’s working great for all parties. I am busy personally training those who plan to actually improve, while those who are just playing with this idea of improvement dabble a little here and there with my free videos.

… and then there are those who really want to improve, but simple cannot afford my astronomically high daily rates…

This is the idea of helping others…

It is these individuals who truly make my day; they are the ones who make me glad I ever decided to offer my training for free. And it is this helping of others that I cannot say enough about. Although I’ve never actually won Powerball, I imagine the feeling I get when I help someone else is similar to how I would feel winning Powerball.

From the dealership salespeople who’ve sent me emails and notes thanking me for getting them to 30 cars each month to the occasional new receptionist looking for pointers, I am truly delighted when I can make a difference.

All I can hope for is that you find a way to make your everyday work life as fulfilling as the free side of my work life has become. For example, I received this note recently on my receptionist training videos:

I was getting my taxes done at a local Credit Central Loan Office when the Manager offered me or ask me if I was interested in working for her company, Of course I was, but have few to no skills, but do have very good social skills, and very interested in progressing and being a promising position with this company. How can I be the best receptionist she has to offer me in being the best I can and getting some online advice and training before hand, to be the receptionist she needs and loves? – Angela

I couldn’t wait to respond, because I knew (or at least believed) that my advice might change someone’s life for the better. Here’s how I responded:

Hi Angela,

Well, so long as there’s no pressure….


In all seriousness, you sound like you have the most important aspect to job success: a desire to be the best! I recommend that after you watch my two receptionist videos and (especially) read all of the comments, that you always remember just a few simple “rules of life as a receptionist:”



  1. It’s just a job and I’m not doing open heart surgery. (This means: no one is going to die WHEN, not if, I make a mistake.)
    2. No one can make me feel small unless I let them. (So, when someone is being an asshole, remember Rule 1 – it’s just a job.)
    3. All I can do is all I can do… but all I can do is enough. (No one can expect you to do more than you are capable of… and if they do, you’re not a fit. It’s time to dust off the resume and look for something else.)
    4. People like being around upbeat, happy people. (Anybody can tell you why your company sucks – work everyday to find the reasons that your company, your boss and your customers are the best in the world!)
    5. This job is step for me. Love it and do it to the best of my abilities and I will move on to better positions and better pay. (The alternative is to have a bad attitude and end up being a not-so-good and unhappy receptionist forever.)

Hope that helps. Please keep me posted on your progress!

Best wishes,


And I didn’t make a dime. That’s why it felt so good to help.

As the title reads, Helping Others: I recommend you try it!

And I really hope you do…

Good selling!